Midnight In Her Eyes

Woo, what a busy month!

Get ready to fan yourselves, because these photos are going to raise the temperature quite a bit!
Fascinators, flowers, masks, c-strings and styling by Miss Bink of Pearls & Swine.
Model: The beautiful burlesque artist, Darkteaser of The Garter Lounge.

Binky's new range is including everything from fan-tails to fox-snouts, and don't forget, she can also custom-make pieces for you. If you have a vision, no matter how crazy it is, this is the lady who can make it into a reality. In the last few months I've shot giant corsages, button eyes and giant antlers - her stuff is made from glitter, fairytails and a little dash of evil. It's why we love her!

We also had the beautiful Bettie Wishes back in the studio, previewing her act. I shall be shooting her in her costume sometime this month, and having sneeked a peek at it, I am so over the moon to be photographing her in it!

At the moment, I'm also in the process of editing the photos from the Rockalily shoot - a very exciting afternoon, resembling a veritable pin-up parade of beauties! The photos are being kept top secret at the moment, but you can have a peek behind the scenes of ReeRee Rockette's blog here, and make sure that you sign up to her mailing list so that you can get that perfect red pout as soon as possible.

I'm quite excited as I'm in the process of putting together an editorial shoot for early March, and my head is filled with ideas and images and concepts. It's nice sketching bits and pieces down and creating a mood board as it helps to focus my ideas, but now that I'm finally (almost) caught up on my work, it's nice to have the time to. I was also able to escape to Brighton for the day with one of my best friends, and although the SLR was left in the studio, the trusty iPhone came in handy to document a day of fun, cake and kitsch.

Brighton Birds pretending to be paper planes from a Hayao Miyazaki movie.
The Iron Foot Scrapers who were amazing!

Robert Smith and Florence Welch

Lunch via The Angel Food Bakery

Things in The Second Floor Studio are as busy as usual - we have a six week workshop starting mid-March which we are so excited about! We have all of the details for it on the Fashion Loves Photos website, which you can find here.

Right! Back to editing Rockalily beauties, which I cannot wait for you all to see! x


Friendship Station

Fashion Loves Photos and The Second Floor Studio spent last Saturday in the most stylish of company. Miss Lauren Ding of Pocket Rocket Fashion managed to pull together the A-List of the Fashion blogosphere, and get them all in the same venue for Plus London!

We had a pop-up studio in one of the rooms where the brave, bold and sloshed tottered through in their sky-scraper heels looking fabulous, and below you can see a slideshow of the results. The photos will be on our Facebook Page Th├ęsecond Flo├│rstudio, so be sure to add us and tag yourself!

We had a wonderful evening, and thank you so much for having a giggle with us in our studio!

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