Lady Day

This is another ones of those shoots which I can't wait to get to. Shot yesterday, the model is burlesque starlet Luna DeLovely.

There are SO MANY amazing looks to this shoot, and I can't wait to share them all.

Here's a teaser.


Talk Of The Town

Sometimes you do a shoot where no matter how exhausted you are, you just can't wait to download the images and start working on them.

Yesterday was one such shoot!

The day was always going to be a busy one. The morning was spent dropping off props from a shoot last week and then picking up vintage clothing from Red Bows Boutique for an editorial I'm shooting on Monday. Super excited about this one, as I'm picking up some necklaces from Tatty Devine, and have a few bits of wonderment sent down by Pearls & Swine.

But I digress. Never get me started talking about clothes and pieces for editorials...

The shoot in the evening was with a band who Tom and I had previously booked to play our club night, Whiskey Kittens. To say we were blown away doesn't even come close to it - they were incredible. Called The New Cut Gang, they are a bunch of lovely rock and rollers with the right amount of garage swagger and musical prowess to back it up.

I had expected to turn up at a run-of-the-mill practice room. Turns out it was a giant industrial space which manufactured iron girders. Dusty, mechanical and with glass panels in the rood letting in the most incredible streams of sunlight.

Here's a taster - as soon as I can, there will be lots more.

But in the mean time, listen to The New Cut Gang here.


I've Got A Date With A Dream

Today's been the first real day of work since getting back from my half-holiday in the Lake District. Half holiday as I wasn't due back until Saturday, but a bizarre opportunity led me back to the Big Smoke on Tuesday night instead.

My heart and brain and still very much sat alongside a picnic-perfect hill with a cloudy mountain view, and will put a post together of photos once I have a chance.

I'm trying to get myself back into work mode and console myself by editing the photos shot in Brighton just before my holiday began. The photos are of cabaret starlet Luna DeLovely, modelling a range of silk lingerie made by the incredibly talented Ayten Gasson.

Expect another post or two in a few days time when I've caught up on my editing backlog. I'll also be preparing for a super-secret shoot early next week which I can't talk too much about, but am so excited for!

Until then,

D x


Sentimental Journey.

We're off for a few days, looking forward to long train journeys and photographic adventures. See you next week!


Cherub Rock

One of the most regular reactions I get when people see photos of themselves is shock - they are surprised at how beautiful they look in the images. I've even had some girls so overwhelmed that they've been in tears as I've gone through the contact sheets with them.

There's this whole redundant notion of the "real" woman which serves to promote misery and body fascism.at both ends of the size-scale. Some people are naturally slim, some people aren't. Some have wide hips, some have small breasts, some have no waist. Whatever you're born with, it doesn't make any of these body types more or less real. We all have plus and negative points in our own minds about how we look, we don't need other people to reinforve negative notions.

Beauty is found in all shapes and sizes, and even within modelling, different types of clothes suit different body shapes. Open up any magazine, and you'll see slender women looking beautiful on the pages. This is just a little post to counter balance the girls rocking those curves. But remember - whatever spectrum of the dress size scale you're at, you ARE just as are a woman as anyone else and beautiful too.

First up, we have the beautiful Darkteaser for Pearls & Swine.

Next we have some shoots for my plus-size editorial for Diva Magazine.
Models: Aleesha and Carmina
Stylist: Lauren Ding (including Tatty Devine and Pearls & Swine)
Hair and Make-up: Sarah Frasca

 Miss Bink of Pearls & Swine herself.

Cool kids being cool.

Miss Lauren Ding of Pocket Rocket Fashion.

Stunning plus size fashion bloggers from the two Plus London events.

Burlesque darling Bettie Wishes.

Fran and Lisa for Diva's Vintage Queer editorial.


Fell asleep in a dusty library, waiting for some words to jump at me.

Having been sufficiently flu ridden to the point where I didn't leave the house for the best part of a week, I have FINALLY caught up on most of my outstanding editing. Just in time really, as things are about to get super busy!

This Thursday, I'm off to Brighton to photograph one of my favourite people - the gorgeous Luna DeLovely! Latex, lingerie and (hopefully!) lots of sunshine. Never have the lyrics to "If you go into the woods today..." been so perfect

Taken in the Candy Coated Cabaret Pop-Up Studio.

July is also seeing me shooting at the Fattylympics, which is a brilliant satire on that thing causing all those never ending transport problems. You know - that thing. And then it's off to The Festival of the 40s in Peterborough, where me and my pop-up studio will be ready and waiting on the burlesque day. Throw in a couple of magazine editorials, band shoots, product shoots and a secret project which I am SO beyond excited about, it's about to get busy! I've also got a few one-on-one tutorials coming up, so whether you want some advice on street photography, studio lighting or even just how to use your camera or photoshop, drop me a line as I'm generally quite happy to geek out and help within a budget.

In the mean time, if you're not following me already, check out my tumblr and facebook pages which are updated daily with both new and old photos, and lots of out-takes. And if you haven't noticed, my official website is finally updated! Woohooo!


It's A Pity To Say Goodnight

Last night I was so excited to see one of my closest friends, the wonderful Al Pillay open up in "HIR" new show, Dorothy Squires: Mrs Roger Moore. Running for a stint at The White Bear Theatre before it heads off to show at Edinburgh, I'd recommend catching it whilst you can as the cast is incredible. I was lucky enough to photograph stills from the dress rehersal just hours before the curtain opened, and was utterly enthralled by the performance. Al wasn't just acting as Dot - Al, a mixed race, transgendered melting pot of cultures and chromosones literally transformed into the petite Welsh, blonde haired starlet. It was an utterly incredible feat, and one done with subtlety, emotion and not a hint of drag in sight. It opened up to an audience who could barely stop clapping between songs, let alone at the end and I was lucky enough to sneak in this portrait of a real 21st century Diva getting ready to take the lead.

I cannot wait to share more of these photos with you, but wanted to give the people behind the production a chance to send their favourites out in the run up to Edinburgh Fringe. But there are some magical ones, which really show how well the performers worked together - the facial expressions are genuis!
In the mean time, I cannot recommend seeing the show enough and have left the details below.

Evergreen Theatrical Productions Ltd presents the premiere of this play with songs about the highs and lows of the infamous Welsh diva Dorothy Squires.

Dorothy Squires was one of the biggest singing stars of the 1940s and 50s. Her hits included Say It with Flowers, Till, The Gypsy, My Way (second only to Sinatra’s). Her disasters included litigation, fire, flooding and rancorous relationships. And as wife to the future 007, she was her own worst enemy.

The show stars Al Pillay (Channel 4’s The Comic Strip) as Dorothy with supporting cast of Adam Anderson, James Doughty, Christopher Palmer and Austin Staton

It is directed/choreographed by Stewart Nicholls and musically directed by Ben Stock

Dorothy Squires: Mrs Roger Moore
White Bear Theatre, 138 Kennington Park Rd, London SE11 4DJ (tube:

Wednesday 6th – Friday 8th June 2012
Tuesday 12th – Saturday 16th June 2012
at 8.45pm

The show lasts one hour
Tickets: £12 (£10 concs)
Box Office: 020 7793 9193


Easy To Please

There's nothing like working with some of your favourite people, and rock band Peter Parker's Rock 'n' Roll Club certainly fall into that category.

Regular faces at Whiskey Kittens both on stage and behind the decks, you can hear a taster of their rock and roll stylings here.

Here's a selection of images from their Soho shoot earlier this year.


Everyone Says Hi - An exhibition of Brixton portraits. More Press Cuttings.

The Voice Newspaper (19th April 2012).


Everyone Says Hi - An exhibition of Brixton portraits - The People.

Hopefully by the time you read this, you'll have had a chance to see the portraits hanging in Kaff as part of the Everyone Says Hi exhibition.Doing this exhibition has led me to meet so many wonderful people, many who have interesting stories to tell. Now that the main prints have been revealed, I thought it'd be nice to show the out takes and give a little background to the people behind the photos.

Al Pillay.
Singer, actor, artist, star.

Aleesha Hansel.
Model / Presenter.
Facebook Page.

Bettie Wishes.
Burlesque Artist.

Pr Superstar.


Amazon Link.

Aquatic Expert and Artist.

Model Mayhem Page.


Ossie and Family Member.
Ossie's Fresh Ginger Beer..

Patricia and Sweet Tooth Staff.
Sweet Tooth, Brixton Village.

Patrick and Rosa from Bookmongers.

Stafford and Staff.
Healthy Eaters, Electric Avenue.

Stephen Upshaw.

Tom Perry.
Journalist, Photographer, DJ.
Whiskey Kittens

Vera and Children.

Misc Portraits.

Other images shot whilst preparing for the exhibition:
Michael Maloney and Daughter.

Christian Rock Band in front of The Ritzy Cinema.

Speedy Noodle.

Christian Rock Band outside The Ritzy.

View from The Ritzy Cinema Balcony.

Brixton Rail.

Electric Road Kitty.

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