Spooky Season - Killstar Forgive Me Dress

Whilst this Killstar dress looks like something straight out of spooky season, we all know that it's going to be a wardrobe staple all year round for me. I just want to live my best life dressed somewhere between Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz, and this dress is pretty much the perfect meeting point between the two.


Summer Dreams

Towards the start of the year, I photographed a whole load of stuff and never get around to posting it on the blog. I think with lockdown in place, blogging about clothing felt frivolous, and by the time my brain caught up that blogging could be a huge distraction, some of it had been sat on my desktop waiting to be published for months. So to give myself a clean slate, here's some of the outfits which never quite made it away from Instagram.


Wildflowers - Wildflowers Tee by Faye Oliver Tattoos

I was so grateful for someone posting a different coloured version of this tshirt on Instagram, as I didn't just fall in love with the print, but also the designs of the tattoo artist who created it. Based all the way in Newcastle, Faye Oliver creates the most incredible botanical inspired hand poked tattoos, and since there's currently no way to get to her for an appointment, I have instead purchased this tee in both black and pink. Because, you know, support artists and small businesses if you can.


Daises x Moomins x Tatty Devine x Yours Clothing

When I originally shot these images, I had planned on making this more of an autumnal look since there is no way this dress is going to get much use during sunshine season. But I'm pulling a massive grumpy face in all of the photos where I'm wearing a jacket (probably because I was too warm!), so now we have some photos where I'm wearing a summer dress with tights and boots. Please imagine this look shot with with a fringed biker jacket on top, and me looking excited to drink some mulled spice apple juice!


Hey Mickey You're So Fine

These photos were shot right at the start of things falling apart. I remember cutting my fringe too short and too wonky and thinking that there was no way that my hair could look worse than it possibly could in that moment. Four months later, WHO KNEW? I think all of the next few posts are going to need some sort of warning about the state of my hair. But on the plus side, you can see at exactly which point in the pandemic each item was shot, so you can guess what the chances are of things being in stock still! (In this instance, for the most part zero. Sorry pals!)

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