Flight Of The Bumblebee - Beating The Winter Blues With Brightness

With all the fun of the festive period well and truly in the rear view mirror, it's so hard to not find yourself in a gloomy funk as we claw our way through January. Between the perpetual grey gloom, the infrequent work (#freelancelife) and the constant bombardment of "New Year New You" dirge, January just feels like one long struggle. Now that we're entering week 17 of the first month of the year, I'm attacking it with the only way I know how - dressing up in obnoxiously bright colours, painting myself in so much highlighter I can be seen from the ISS and generally living my best life as a chubby bumble bee.


New Year Same Me - Keeping Cosy with Yours Clothing

Hi everyone, I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I don't know about you, but I am massively struggling to get back into the normal swing of my weekday routine and am still very much working my way through finishing a Christmas biscuit backlog! With the weather, the haziness and the lack of festive cheer on the horizon, I'm all about the comfort at the moment with my clothing, and am bouncing back and forth between these two cute but cosy outfits from Yours Clothing.


Glitter Bomb - Sparkle Ready with Yours Clothing

If you're still on the look out for the perfect Christmas Day or NYE outfit, then hold up because have I got an outfit combo for you! Glitter and sparkle have been such a huge thing as we stepped into the festive season, but two of my favourite standout items have come straight from plus size brand, Yours Clothing.


Penguin Party - Jersey Swing Dress from Simply Be

In my previous post, I was talking about how I have two sartorial settings when it comes to Christmas - festive subtlety and all Christmas everything! This is definitely a look where it's all about the silly and frivolous, as well as being an ode of love to my favourite Christmas critter, the penguin!


Shooting Stars - Festive Sparkle with Sugar & Vice, Simply Be, F&F and New Look

In the lead up to Christmas, I have two different styles. It's either a subtle "little bit Christmassy" or "FULL ON DECK THE HALLS OH MY GOD IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAS". There is absolutely no in-between. This outfit is leaning more towards the first (although don't worry, there's another post this week which is head to toe penguin print!), and is an easy way to take you from day job to festive fun with a few cute accessories.

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