Dungaree Day Dream - Visiting Manchester for Lovedrobe Loves

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time gently guiding people in front of the camera to help them put aside their shyness and coax out a stunning portrait. I've spent well over a decade perfecting the best way to do this, but when it comes to taking my own advice, do I ever listen? No, of course not! I turn into the most awkward person imaginable, even when I'm feeling really good in what I'm wearing. So when I was asked if I'd like to pop up to Manchester to shoot with Lovedrobe duo Liv and Katey, I knew I had to just throw myself right in and not over think it - and the results were so much fun!


Pep In Your Step - AW18 from Pep & Co

(c) Pep & Co
I tend to not blog about press days as they happen so quickly such in huge clumps, opting instead to send everything to my Instagram account. But after a proper jaw dropping moment in East London yesterday, I couldn't resist doing a quick little write up about budget brand, Pep & Co. But don't let the word budget fool you - this brand is here to compete with the fashion heavyweights!


Summer Days - AKA The Never Ending Quest For Non-Flaky Legs

Despite being born sometime in the early 80s, I feel like this is the first summer where I've actually properly dressed for it. Being a milk bottle Pokemon in their final stage of evolution, I have to be very careful with the sun. Over here it's a factor 50 party followed by big hats and even more factor 50 approximately 90 seconds upon leaving the house. Previous summers have seen me hide under leggings and cardigans in 35 degree heat, and I used to always say it was so that I didn't burn. But you know what, it wasn't - and today and I'm here to talk about something which I think a lot of other people deal with, but no one really speaks about.


Yeah They Were All Yellow

Do you have a favourite colour to wear? For me I adore happy, sunshine filled yellows, whether delicate lemons or heavy mustard hues. As I've mentioned a million times before, chubby bumblebee is my go to summer aesthetic and it's largely because I adore how the colours lift my mood. Here are a few of my favourites for some summertime fun, because I am a firm believer that how I dress heavily impacts my mood, and hopefully happiness is catching. A few of the items are now out of stock, but where possible I've left links - including a super on sale Skinny Dip bag, and the perfect Simply Be summer dress.


Holidays In The Sun - Luggage Which Lasts From TUMI

With the summer season running up fast to meet us, all thoughts are turned to dreams of holidays and summer fun. So whether you're off on a two week pool side adventure or running home for a weekend of downtime with friends or family, there's one thing we all need to help us with that journey - some sturdy, reliable,  luggage. And TUMI at Betty Hemmings are here to solve all of your luggage needs!

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