Wild Thing - Hell Bunny Leopard Print Mini Dress from Yours Clothing

A circle skirted mini dress teamed with a trashy leopard print is pretty much  my dream aesthetic when I'm off to a gig, rock club or am (on those rare occassions!) stood behind a set of DJ decks. So when I saw this beauty on the Yours Clothing website, it was a total no brainer - I just had to get my hands on it.


All Shook Up - Hair Dye Fun with Colour Freedom at Superdrug

My hair has been a mixture of pinks and purples for a while, as I'm a huge fan of multi coloured hues. But as we changed seasons, I felt my hair also needed a bit of a shake up but couldn't decide what direction to go in. I'm a big fan of the Superdrug brand Colour Freedom and they were kind enough to put together a mystery selection after I gave them a list of the sort of shades I've gone for previously. And so it was decided that my hair would be a mix or blues and greens, which as someone who wants to grow up to be Stormer from The Misfits, was a brilliant choice for me!


Autumn Leaves - A Seasonal Wishlist

Autumn is officially here, and with the seasonal update comes a wardrobe one. We all need those staple items which help protect against the rain, wind and ever changing temperatures, and here are a few of my favourites from the new season drops.


Blue Skies - Jade Swing Dress from Collectif

Summer might be behind us, but that doesn't mean blue skies can't lie ahead. And this sale bargain dress from Collectif makes me feel like I'm floating on a fluffy cloud! I'd been in love with the Jade Swing Dresses ever since they'd previewed at London Edge, as anything with pockets gets my vote. But it was the cut of the dress which really caught my eye too, with the adjustable double shoulder straps and seamed bodice both major plus points.


Mellow Yellow - Alice & You By Glamorous Double Layer Dress from Simply Be

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a huge fan of the wet and rainy weather autumn brings, but on a particularly grey day, it's nice to inject a little colour into the mix. Yellow is one of my go to shades whenever I need a little lift, and this Alice & You By Glamorous Double Layer Dress from Simply Be is one of my favourite recent purchases.

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