Floating On Sunshine - How To Stay Cool In Hot Hot Heat

Hi everyone! I purchased this dress from H&M back on January, and honestly, it is made of pure sunshine. I've sat on it bar the odd snap on Instagram as it needed to be worn in the most glorious of sunny weather, and I am so excited that those conditions have finally arrived here in London!


Pink Lady - Lost Ink Chiffon And Satin Dress from Nabavi

You know how sometimes you see a dress, and whilst it's not necessarily your usual style, something inside your head screams that you need it in your life immediately? That was how I felt when I saw this Lost Ink chiffon and satin number on the Navabi website. Whilst pink isn't usually a colour I go for other than as an accent, it was all my Sarah in Labyrinth via Courtney Love grunge dreams all come true at once. And I couldn't wait to try it out!


Roll Those Sleeves Up - Arm Knitting With Woolly Mahoosive

I'm pretty new to the knitting game, and if I'm completely honest, am still a bit scared of anything which isn't scarf shaped. But when I was offered the chance to work with chunky wool retailer Woolly Mahoosive, I just couldn't resist trying something a bit different with some arm knitting. The idea of knitting up a (literally!) huge project in 45 minutes intrigued me, and I couldn't wait to get started.


Wiggle In Your Walk - Gumdrop Gingham Ursula Dress from Lady Voluptuous

You know that feeling when you're SO excited for a dress to arrive? The Gumdrop Gingham Ursula Dress from Lady Voluptuous had me dreaming of cake filled picnics and long sunny evenings and I couldn't wait to pull it on the second it was delivered. I'm a huge fan of the Lady Voluptuous range, but this was my first time with one of their wiggle dresses and well, it was a revelation.


Black Heart - Lost Ink Chiffon Insert Dress from Navabi

I love it when a simple dress is deceptively detailed, elevating it to an effortlessly chic style whilst being super easy to wear. This lovely Lost Ink Chiffon Insert Dress from Navabi* is a brilliant example of that. On the surface it's a quick to throw on LBD bordering on t-shirt dress comfort levels, but upon closer inspection it is SO much more.

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