The Monster Mash - Season Of The Witch with ASOS Curve

It can be spooky season all year round if you believe hard enough, and I knew when I saw this dress on the ASOS website, it'd be one of those "everyday but make it witchy" dreams that I'd be able to live in whatever the time of year. Black, soft, drapey and linen were all words I was happy to see, and after retrying three times to get the size correct on my bust (go up by two if you're large busted), I finally had what might be my favourite LBD of all time.


Creep It Cute - Ashbury's Angel Velvet Dress and Coven Cutie Skater Dress from Killstar

I don't need an excuse to dress up like it's Halloween every day of the year, and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've fallen totally in love with this Ashbury's Angel Velvet Dress from Killstar. Originally purchased to get me through the relentless summer heat, it's not been packed away for winter just yet as I'm still hoping to be able to get some mileage out of it, possibly over a turtleneck.


Autumn Reds - Annalisa Printed Midi Dress from Navabi UK

* post contains gifted items.

For me, autumn is the most magical time of the year. The leaves turn red, warm apple and cinnamon flavours are on every menu, we get the best sunsets and it's the absolute BEST time of year for fashion. Ankle boots, midi dresses, chunky knits and coats - oh how I've missed my coats and jackets! And the colours too - the reds, the burnt oranges, the mustard yellows. Whether it's in my make-up palette or my wardrobe, an autumn colour story is my seasonal BFF.


Autumn Leaves - Red Floral Tie Neck Maxi Dress from New Look Curves

This Red Floral Tie Neck Maxi Dress from the Curve line at New Look was a really smart buy for me. The light fabric is great for the tail end of summer when the weather is incredibly interchangeable, but it's also the perfect candidate to be teamed with some autumn ready boots, tights and a chunky knit as the cooler temperatures settle in.


Paint It Black - Sin City Plus Skater Dress by Killstar

These photos were taken a while ago as you can tell from my lack of fringe, but my love for this Sin City Skater Dress by Killstar still knows no bounds. They have become one of my favourite brands to shop with, and my absolute go to for alternative club wear and this dress is a literal dream to wear - both form fitting AND comfy.

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