5 Methods To Master Personal Brand Marketing

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Most people know how company branding works, but marketing personal brands is more mysterious. The concept of the personal brand only really emerged a decade ago, and it is only recently that people have worked out how to monetize them. 


How to Stop Your Social Media From Getting Hacked

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Social media is instrumental to businesses and brands nowadays, but when they are hacked, you can lose important data that damages your reputation and your business. It’s not only your computer you have to protect from hackers; you must also protect your social media accounts.  


4 Innovative Ways of Diversifying Your Investment Portfolio

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When it comes to investment portfolios, there are a lot of different opinions on how to diversify your assets best. Some people recommend investing in various stocks, while others think that real estate is the way to go. However, several other options exist for those looking to add some diversity to their portfolio. This blog post will discuss four innovative ways of diversifying your investment portfolio!


Using Your Phone as a Camera: Common Problems to Troubleshoot

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People who become interested in photography often start off using the camera on their phones. Even professional photographers will use their smartphone's camera when they don't have anything else with them, or just to get some quick shots or ideas. Many phones these days have excellent cameras, and some are even more like a phone built around a camera than a phone with a camera in it. But, like all technology, phone cameras can have problems, which can be pretty annoying. There are some common problems that the camera on your phone could experience, which may be tricky to deal with. However, if you know the most common issues and how to troubleshoot them, it can be easier to fix any problems.


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