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Well, this has been a year. Whilst there have definitely been some high points, and I've done some things I'm really proud of, it's also been a year of stress and fear, both personally and politically. For me Right Queer Right Now was probably my highlight, and something which I'm still incredibly proud of, but my year definitely peaked early. And after many years of driving my poor boyfriend / web designer to distraction, I finally launched a new version of my online portfolio to start hustling harder.


Retro Christmas - H&M+ Dress with smocking

Even at Christmas, as much as I love it, my heart and my style are forever stuck amongst a pile of crunchy leaves in the autumn. But that doesn't mean we can't take something and make it festive - I wore this gorgeous H&M dress to a Christmas party recently, and with the right accessories it fit right in amongst the tinsel and twinkling lights.


Photography: Patchwork - Test shoot with Ruby Lorcan and Louise Lerego

Sometimes, just sometimes, things fall into place unexpectedly. I'd had an idea for a shoot I'd wanted to run with for such a long time - something simple, with mixed prints, mixed fabrics, and a bit of a vintage-but-can't-quite-place-it aesthetic to keep it timeless - but I couldn't quite find the right model or right brand to pitch it with. Then a model who I had wanted to collaborate with for a very long time posted a photo so different to her usual style that it blew my mind, and suddenly she was the perfect star for this role. And so began the mission of me standing utterly clueless in a North London fabric shop for an hour with no plan, clumsily gluing my fingers together with fabric glue, and somehow ending my year with the shoot of my dreams and a team who understood and even expanded on my vision.


Starry, Starry Night - Collectif Trixie Moon Velvet Swing Dress via Simply Be

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it's hard to not feel a touch of magic around this time of year. If the twinkling lights and beautiful smells of mulled spice and pine needles don't get you, the thought of resetting everything at the stroke of midnight on the 31st is a pretty thrilling prospect. Who doesn't like a clean slate, empty diary and a whole new year to make some new adventures. And since we're jumping headfirst into a brand new decade, I've been thinking more about what to do for NYE, and seem to have assembled my perfect outfit by accident. Stars, moons and cats seem about right for me, and with just a few days until we go home for Christmas, it's all starting to feel exciting.


Mellow Yellow - Boohoo Plus Yellow Floral Smock Dress

You know me, I love a good mustard dress so when I saw this autumnal dream of a print from Boohoo via ASOS, I instantly caved and thanked the Klarna gods. It's really seen me through so much of the autumn as my cosy, go to number, and teamed with tights and a biker jacket, it's been such a great wardrobe addition.


Gifted: Cool Stuff Christmas Gift Guide

(* items were gifted, but are not affiliate links)

I still can't believe how quickly 2019 has flown by, especially with the festive C-word creeping up so quickly. Last year one of my favourite places to pick up some unique Christmas gifts from was the lovely people at Cool Stuff, so I was very excited to work with them on a Christmas gift guide this year to find a few items in a variety of budgets. Whether you're looking for ideas for a Secret Santa, stocking stuffer or main tree gift to help Santa himself, have a look inside and see what you might want to add to your own Christmas wish list.


Gifted Experience: Christmas Crafts with Viking Direct #VikingChristmasCrafts

(c) Elouisa Georgiou - elouisageorgiou.co.uk
Last week, I got fully immersed into the Christmas spirit with Viking Direct as I settled in for an evening of festive food, bauble making and pinata building. Surrounded by the splendour of Shoreditch Treehouse and soundtracked with a festive playlist, I - the least crafty wannabe crafter who ever lived - got my double sided tape and marker pens ready, and went for it!


Photoshoot: Lost In London with Luna

Summer is the time of year when a coffee date can turn into a full on photoshoot, and that's exactly what happened when I caught up with my beautiful friend, Luna.

Dotty For Dots

The older I've got, the more I've come to embrace oversized and comfy clothing. There was a time in my life where I would only wear shapes which enabled the "good fatty" silhouette - items which pulled in at the waist, skimmed the hips and played into the narrative of being ultra feminine at all times.


The Monster Mash - Season Of The Witch with ASOS Curve

It can be spooky season all year round if you believe hard enough, and I knew when I saw this dress on the ASOS website, it'd be one of those "everyday but make it witchy" dreams that I'd be able to live in whatever the time of year. Black, soft, drapey and linen were all words I was happy to see, and after retrying three times to get the size correct on my bust (go up by two if you're large busted), I finally had what might be my favourite LBD of all time.


Creep It Cute - Ashbury's Angel Velvet Dress and Coven Cutie Skater Dress from Killstar

I don't need an excuse to dress up like it's Halloween every day of the year, and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've fallen totally in love with this Ashbury's Angel Velvet Dress from Killstar. Originally purchased to get me through the relentless summer heat, it's not been packed away for winter just yet as I'm still hoping to be able to get some mileage out of it, possibly over a turtleneck.


Autumn Reds - Annalisa Printed Midi Dress from Navabi UK

* post contains gifted items.

For me, autumn is the most magical time of the year. The leaves turn red, warm apple and cinnamon flavours are on every menu, we get the best sunsets and it's the absolute BEST time of year for fashion. Ankle boots, midi dresses, chunky knits and coats - oh how I've missed my coats and jackets! And the colours too - the reds, the burnt oranges, the mustard yellows. Whether it's in my make-up palette or my wardrobe, an autumn colour story is my seasonal BFF.


Autumn Leaves - Red Floral Tie Neck Maxi Dress from New Look Curves

This Red Floral Tie Neck Maxi Dress from the Curve line at New Look was a really smart buy for me. The light fabric is great for the tail end of summer when the weather is incredibly interchangeable, but it's also the perfect candidate to be teamed with some autumn ready boots, tights and a chunky knit as the cooler temperatures settle in.


Paint It Black - Sin City Plus Skater Dress by Killstar

These photos were taken a while ago as you can tell from my lack of fringe, but my love for this Sin City Skater Dress by Killstar still knows no bounds. They have become one of my favourite brands to shop with, and my absolute go to for alternative club wear and this dress is a literal dream to wear - both form fitting AND comfy.


Vintage Dino-Mite

I'm a firm believer that fashion should be fun, and love silly prints and cute accessories. They have the ability to complete transform an outfit which is otherwise quite simple, so whether a silly print or off beat accessory, a small element can completely change the overall feel.


Puddle Jumping - Wide Fit Wellies from Jileon And A Discount Code

*Post contains gifted items.

Now that we're at the tail end of summer and heading off into the august bank holiday weekend, that can only mean one thing; rain. Lots and lots of rain. Over the past two weeks, London has been constantly inundated with exploding grey clouds and as an autumnal baby, I love it. But you know what I don't like? Wet feet! Thankfully Jileon Wide Fit Wellies have come to the rescue!


Strange Meowgic - Meowgical Skater Dress from Killstar

The last few days have had a distinct autumn chill in the air, and I don't need much of a nudge to start thinking about spooky season and my wardrobe choices in the lead up to it. To be honest, I seem to have spent most of my 30s dressing like the baby goth teenage me wanted to be, and Killstar have fast become one of my favourite go to brands to help enable me be live my best cute witch life.


CT Shirts - How has nature inspired our fashion innovations

* This post has been written in collaboration with Charles Tyrwhitt.

How has nature become a key fashion innovator?

We’re all so much more environmentally conscious now than we were this time ten years ago. The conservation
narrative has been adopted by the mainstream and fashion isn’t exempt from this. Sustainability is creeping its
way up on the agendas of garment technologists across the world, but which materials have taken the most
inspiration from nature? With some guidance from CT Shirts, suppliers of high quality, Oxford shirts let’s take a
look at some innovative materials which are inspired by nature.


Summer Sippin' - Iced Tea and Tea Travel Solutions from Adagio Tea

* All items in this post have been kindly gifted by Adagio Tea. All opinions and photos are my own.

If you've ever met me in real life, you'll know that I am a real tea fiend. I'm not fussy about many things in life, but a good cup of tea is probably my one real indulgence. Whilst my go to everyday is an Earl Grey teabag, I love loose leaf and all of the preparation which goes with it. That's why when  Adagio Tea got in touch and asked if I'd live to sample some of their blends and products, I genuinely felt like all of my Christmases had come at once!


Summer Days - Top Inspiration from Quiz Clothing, Simply Be and New Look Curve

So I don't want to jinx things, but pals, it looks like summer has finally arrived in London! I have birdsong and sunshine streaming in through my window, and am breaking out the factor 50 with a much greater urgency. In fact, I'm so convinced that it's here to stay, I'm actually in the process of swapping out some of my heavier winter clothing from my wardrobe for flowing summer staples. But it's made me realise that I'm in desperate need of some new summer tops, so having spent some of the morning browsing online, thought I'd post some of my favourites. (Please note that this post contains AL links.)


Homecoming - Tree Of Life Doormat From Red Candy UK

Sometimes you see something so unbelievably perfect for someone, that you just have to get it. That was how I felt when I saw this gorgeous Tree Of Live doormat, which immediately made my think of my wonderful mother in law and her pretty countryside home. Ever since I've known her she's been looking out for a Tree Of Life tapestry which didn't cost the earth, and whilst it's not that exact item, this doormat was pretty cute and within my limited #freelancelife budget. As she does a lot of gardening and goes on a lot of countryside walks, it was the perfect thing for a little extra Easter gift.


Back In The 90s featuring H&M, JD Williams, New Look and Elomi

(All of the items in the post are ones which I've purchased myself, but links are AF links where possible.)

Hi pals, with Easter on the horizon, is it just me or does it actually feel like spring has finally  sprung? Hands up if you're looking forward to a long weekend filled with immense amounts of chocolate, because I know I am! I'm back with another ootd post as I'm trying to get back into blogging several times a week with a mixture of fashion and photography. This time it's an outfit which is a bit different for me, and a little out of my comfort zone. But apparently it's good to try new things, as I LOVE it!


Feeling Blue with Joanie Clothing, Simply Be, ASOS Curve and Tatty Devine

(All of the items in the post are ones which I've purchased myself, but links are AF links where possible.)

Since my friend Kat cut in my fringe about a month or so ago, I've felt so much more like myself again, and have definitely embraced the inner rock and roller who I always wanted to be! This is the first outfit post I've managed to scrape together in FOREVER, partly because I've been slowly rediscovering what my style is again, and partly because I've been buried with shoots and edits. I've got an exhibition opening at the end of May which I'm really excited about, but that along with freelance work is sucking all of my time into a giant black hole. I'm not going to complain though - it's nice to have creative things on the go which are coming together, but I'm hopeful that my blogging schedule will be a bit more regular again soon. I've got a few bits shot and some more which I'm hoping to do this weekend, so if you're still with me and reading this, thank you for sticking around!


Spring Refresh - Test Shooting with Louise Lerego, MUA.

Louise Lerego is my favourite person in the world to shoot with. Not only is she an exceptional make-up artist who creates magic with a few shakes of a make-up brush, she is a calming force on any set and appreciates the joy of a cup of tea and a doughnut. Dubbed my "work wife" by Howard, here are some beauty snaps shot recently where we just wanted to test out some ideas and have some fun.


Spring Refresh - Test Shooting with Katarina Adderley, MUA.

It's been a while since I've blogged about my photography (or indeed anything!), so with spring tentatively announcing it's arrival, I thought I'd share some recent test shoots which were done to bounce around a few ideas. This first one was done in conjunction with make-up babe Katarina Adderley, with the two models being Aleesha Hansel and Arianne-Unity.


Plus Size Occasion Wear - American Edition

* Please note that this post contains affiliate links. 

As I recently put out a guide for some lovely UK based plus size occasion wear, I couldn't resist putting one together for those on the other side of the Atlantic. With Spring so close you can literally smell the flowers in the air, wedding season us about to be, well, sprung. So if you have an important date coming up soon where you need a pretty dress, have a look below to find some inspiration.

It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding - Plus Size Occasion Wear

* Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

The sun is out, daffodils are blooming and that can only mean one thing - Spring is almost here, and with it comes the start of wedding season! When looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion, there are a few places I visit first depending on my budget. And with that in mind, I thought I'd put together a list of some of my favourite items for anyone who likes to start their shopping early.


Drunk In Love - I Love Gin Subscription Box

*Items in this post are gifted and the links are AL.

Now that we're half way through January, otherwise known as the LONGEST and most TEDIOUS month in the whole calendar, I think it's safe to say that we could all do with a treat. And nothing says "thank goodness it's almost spring" like the sharp taste of tonic water splashed with gin and citrus. I had a whole load of puns based around the concept of "gin and bear it" ready, but I'll spare you. Instead I'm going to tell you about a fantastic subscription box which will help us all make it through to February in one, slightly tipsy piece!

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