A Healthier Approach To Fashion In 2020

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2020 has been quite the ‘reset button’ in terms of how we view the world and how we operate within it. This is, as of the minute, fraught with difficulty, emotional distress and confusion. However, it can also be a grounding point for healthier habits, mindsets and interests to adopt. For instance, having to undergo many months in lockdown and practicing social distancing helps us realize the true value of hugging our friends or relatives, or being close to people we care about.


Covid-19 Something Something.

I bought this hat back in January when the year was still new and filled with so much possibility. I was so excited - a hat which actually fit my giant head, which I could tie under my chin to keep in place, even when breezy! No more hair pins stuck through hat bands, ripping out my hair with one strong gust. It was perfect for visiting the Lake District with in June, a treat with my lovely mother and sister in law filled with boardgames, local fudge and lots of long, sun kissed walks. Who knew that when I shot these photos a month later in February, the world was about to change so dramatically.


4 Ways To Become Fashion Photographer

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Fashion is one of the numerous ways many people choose to express themselves, and when combined with photography, it takes the art of expression up a notch. As a fashion photographer, your primary duty is to capture these emotions, so, it's totally understandable that as a creative who enjoys both fashion and photography, there is an allure towards building a career in this field. The creativity, the colors, the activities, and the models often make people wonder what could be more exciting.


Zinc Of These Benefits When You Need More Zn In Your Life

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Zinc - it's not something you feel you need lots of in. Sure, Zn will inevitably have health benefits, but
there are loads of nutrients that can boast the same. Nowadays, you're expected to top-up with
everything from cod liver oil to omega-3 fatty acids. It's almost impossible to keep up with the
necessary ingredients and the others that go under the radar.


Mother's Day with TK Maxx (*gifted)

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* Items bought with a gift card sent by PR

I feel very lucky to be able to say that I have the best mother in law a person could ever ask for, so when TK Maxx got in touch asking whether I'd like to search for some Mother's Day treats for her, I absolutely jumped at the chance!


Dino-Mite with Punky Pins

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I've been a huge fan of Punky Pins for as long as I can remember. Between their dino necklaces, Nasty Woman totes and sweary Christmas penguin pins, they are pretty much my dream brand. Even my tablet is covered in a mix of Hello Kitty stickers from them, and with each collaboration, I swear they have someone following me around because every launch, I feel like I NEED almost everything. So when completely out of the blue I had an email from them asking if I'd be interesting in getting a package from them, dear reader, let me tell you, my face was a picture! And obviously after trying to play it cool for about 60 seconds, I replied with a resounding OHMYGODYESILOVEYOU!!!11! (I might only be exaggerating slightly...)


NAVABI - Plus Size Stock Images Royalty Free

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* I was paid as a model on this project, but have not been paid or asked to blog about this campaign or my experience shooting it.

Back in October, I met up with some lovely people in deepest North London to work on an intriguing project with fashion brand Navabi. The brief was exciting - the plan, masterminded by Navabi's social editor Bethany Rutter, was to create a series of stock images featuring a variety of plus size bodies. By offering these images royalty free, it was their hope that they will encourage more plus size representation within the media. So whether you're looking for a new spin on the jealous girlfriend meme, woman laughing at salad or purple haired, chubby hackers, click on for a selection of what we got up to on the day.


Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve - Lottie Heart Angel Sleeve Midi Dress from Scarlett & Jo

One of the problems with being a photographer for fashion brands is that sometimes you find yourself making a mental shopping list whilst you shoot. The second I saw the sample of this gorgeous Lottie Heart Angel Sleeve Midi Dress from Scarlett & Jo, I knew that it'd eventually find its way into my wardrobe when released.

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