Creating The Perfect Look For Any Occasion

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Creating the perfect look isn’t always as easy as you would hope. You can be searching for hours and still not get what you want from a look that you thought would look incredible. This happens more times than we would like, but it’s something that you’ve just got to deal with as the time comes. In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the things that you should be considering when you’re attempting to create the perfect look. As such, keep reading if you would like to find out more about this topic.

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Strange Magic - Autumn tees with Joanie Clothing

Maybe it's because I've become so used to living in pyjamas, but I've found myself really getting into tshirts. I love them and their versatility - comfy, cute, perfect tucked into a skirt or jeans, and cosy when worn underneath a fluffy cardigan. Whereas dresses used to be my wardrobe staple, as we move into the winter with it's cooler temperature, tshirts have definitely made their case for space in my daily style. And Joanie Clothing seem to always have the cutest designs in stock, with these two  from their most recent sale moving right up into my most worn list.


Spooky Season - Killstar Forgive Me Dress

Whilst this Killstar dress looks like something straight out of spooky season, we all know that it's going to be a wardrobe staple all year round for me. I just want to live my best life dressed somewhere between Wednesday Addams and Lydia Deetz, and this dress is pretty much the perfect meeting point between the two.


Summer Dreams

Towards the start of the year, I photographed a whole load of stuff and never get around to posting it on the blog. I think with lockdown in place, blogging about clothing felt frivolous, and by the time my brain caught up that blogging could be a huge distraction, some of it had been sat on my desktop waiting to be published for months. So to give myself a clean slate, here's some of the outfits which never quite made it away from Instagram.


Wildflowers - Wildflowers Tee by Faye Oliver Tattoos

I was so grateful for someone posting a different coloured version of this tshirt on Instagram, as I didn't just fall in love with the print, but also the designs of the tattoo artist who created it. Based all the way in Newcastle, Faye Oliver creates the most incredible botanical inspired hand poked tattoos, and since there's currently no way to get to her for an appointment, I have instead purchased this tee in both black and pink. Because, you know, support artists and small businesses if you can.


Daises x Moomins x Tatty Devine x Yours Clothing

When I originally shot these images, I had planned on making this more of an autumnal look since there is no way this dress is going to get much use during sunshine season. But I'm pulling a massive grumpy face in all of the photos where I'm wearing a jacket (probably because I was too warm!), so now we have some photos where I'm wearing a summer dress with tights and boots. Please imagine this look shot with with a fringed biker jacket on top, and me looking excited to drink some mulled spice apple juice!


Hey Mickey You're So Fine

These photos were shot right at the start of things falling apart. I remember cutting my fringe too short and too wonky and thinking that there was no way that my hair could look worse than it possibly could in that moment. Four months later, WHO KNEW? I think all of the next few posts are going to need some sort of warning about the state of my hair. But on the plus side, you can see at exactly which point in the pandemic each item was shot, so you can guess what the chances are of things being in stock still! (In this instance, for the most part zero. Sorry pals!)


Feeling Blue

Hello dear reader, the last few months have been strange all round for everyone, and like much of the general population, the only fashion I've been invested in are pyjama and jogging bottoms based. Bra? I don't know her. But as we're now trying to scramble for some sort of normal, it means I have to think about what's in my wardrobe again, and not just constantly rotate my three favourite sets of pyjamas. So this is the first on a series of posts of photos that I've sat on for months, meaning that much of what will be in the next few posts is probably now unavailable. I'll be sure to leave links where I can, but hopefully the photos themselves might create some outfit inspiration.


Taking Control of Your Life Post-Lockdown

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The past few months have been difficult for a lot of people, and this is something that has caused
changes in behaviour and approach. COVID-19 has changed the world, and there are so many things
that have happened in the world that have affected so many people. You need to understand that life
will not be the same once coronavirus is behind us, and making changes to your life now stands you
in good stead to deal with this.


The Importance Of Routine In Lock Down Life

Living with a partner who is predisposed to lung and chest issues, Howard and I have very much been in lock down since the middle of March. I have now lost count of how many days we've been hiding out in our tiny first floor rental, but it feels like a very long time ago that we passed the one hundred mark. Now it's less about looking from where we came from, and adapting to where we are going next. And as every freelancer knows, a large part of that has come from finding some sort of routine in order to keep getting out of bed in the morning, because let me tell you, as a photographer with no photography work, it's not always been easy.


A Healthier Approach To Fashion In 2020

Pexels - CC0 License

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2020 has been quite the ‘reset button’ in terms of how we view the world and how we operate within it. This is, as of the minute, fraught with difficulty, emotional distress and confusion. However, it can also be a grounding point for healthier habits, mindsets and interests to adopt. For instance, having to undergo many months in lockdown and practicing social distancing helps us realize the true value of hugging our friends or relatives, or being close to people we care about.


Covid-19 Something Something.

I bought this hat back in January when the year was still new and filled with so much possibility. I was so excited - a hat which actually fit my giant head, which I could tie under my chin to keep in place, even when breezy! No more hair pins stuck through hat bands, ripping out my hair with one strong gust. It was perfect for visiting the Lake District with in June, a treat with my lovely mother and sister in law filled with boardgames, local fudge and lots of long, sun kissed walks. Who knew that when I shot these photos a month later in February, the world was about to change so dramatically.


4 Ways To Become Fashion Photographer

Image Credit

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Fashion is one of the numerous ways many people choose to express themselves, and when combined with photography, it takes the art of expression up a notch. As a fashion photographer, your primary duty is to capture these emotions, so, it's totally understandable that as a creative who enjoys both fashion and photography, there is an allure towards building a career in this field. The creativity, the colors, the activities, and the models often make people wonder what could be more exciting.


Zinc Of These Benefits When You Need More Zn In Your Life

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Zinc - it's not something you feel you need lots of in. Sure, Zn will inevitably have health benefits, but
there are loads of nutrients that can boast the same. Nowadays, you're expected to top-up with
everything from cod liver oil to omega-3 fatty acids. It's almost impossible to keep up with the
necessary ingredients and the others that go under the radar.


Mother's Day with TK Maxx (*gifted)

Image (c) TK Maxx
* Items bought with a gift card sent by PR

I feel very lucky to be able to say that I have the best mother in law a person could ever ask for, so when TK Maxx got in touch asking whether I'd like to search for some Mother's Day treats for her, I absolutely jumped at the chance!


Dino-Mite with Punky Pins

* Blog post contains gifted items.

I've been a huge fan of Punky Pins for as long as I can remember. Between their dino necklaces, Nasty Woman totes and sweary Christmas penguin pins, they are pretty much my dream brand. Even my tablet is covered in a mix of Hello Kitty stickers from them, and with each collaboration, I swear they have someone following me around because every launch, I feel like I NEED almost everything. So when completely out of the blue I had an email from them asking if I'd be interesting in getting a package from them, dear reader, let me tell you, my face was a picture! And obviously after trying to play it cool for about 60 seconds, I replied with a resounding OHMYGODYESILOVEYOU!!!11! (I might only be exaggerating slightly...)


NAVABI - Plus Size Stock Images Royalty Free

(c) Navabi - navabi.co.uk/stock-photos
* I was paid as a model on this project, but have not been paid or asked to blog about this campaign or my experience shooting it.

Back in October, I met up with some lovely people in deepest North London to work on an intriguing project with fashion brand Navabi. The brief was exciting - the plan, masterminded by Navabi's social editor Bethany Rutter, was to create a series of stock images featuring a variety of plus size bodies. By offering these images royalty free, it was their hope that they will encourage more plus size representation within the media. So whether you're looking for a new spin on the jealous girlfriend meme, woman laughing at salad or purple haired, chubby hackers, click on for a selection of what we got up to on the day.


Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve - Lottie Heart Angel Sleeve Midi Dress from Scarlett & Jo

One of the problems with being a photographer for fashion brands is that sometimes you find yourself making a mental shopping list whilst you shoot. The second I saw the sample of this gorgeous Lottie Heart Angel Sleeve Midi Dress from Scarlett & Jo, I knew that it'd eventually find its way into my wardrobe when released.

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