All Shook Up - Hair Dye Fun with Colour Freedom at Superdrug

My hair has been a mixture of pinks and purples for a while, as I'm a huge fan of multi coloured hues. But as we changed seasons, I felt my hair also needed a bit of a shake up but couldn't decide what direction to go in. I'm a big fan of the Superdrug brand Colour Freedom and they were kind enough to put together a mystery selection after I gave them a list of the sort of shades I've gone for previously. And so it was decided that my hair would be a mix or blues and greens, which as someone who wants to grow up to be Stormer from The Misfits, was a brilliant choice for me!

The ends of my hair were a mixture of dark blonde, pink and a blue which had faded to green, so this dye had a bit of a mission ahead! The pink had lasted for months and had faded out to a beautiful pastel shade, and was the first Colour Freedom dye I'd ever used in Magenta Dream.

This time though, I was going with Truly Blue, Tropical Aqua and Green Emerald. Colours aside, I'm a huge fan of this hair dye range because the consistency of the cream is perfect. It goes where it's mean to, and won't drip which always makes the task a lot easier. The tubes are huge allowing for several applications in one bottle, and offer a colour which faded out over 6 - 10 washes. In my experience even the faded colours are quite lovely, becoming pigment filled pastel shades of their former selves. I had a balayage effect painted onto my hair with bleach about a year ago so that I could keep going over it with whatever colours I fancied, and it's been a revelation as I no longer have to use peroxides to sort out my roots every time I want to dye my hair at home. The Colour Freedom dye also leaves you hair feeling soft and nourished, as it is packed with a Shea Butter and Argan Oil combo to deep condition whilst infusing the hair with colour.

I prep my hair a day in advance by washing with a clarifying shampoo, and leaving off the conditioner and styling products. I like to apply the dye to my hair when it's dry because it's much easier for me to see what has and hasn't been missed.

Because I don't actually have that much hair on my head (cheers PCOS!), it's not too difficult for me to do it myself. I fill pots with the colours I'm using, have a tinting brush for each and then work my hair into four clipped up sections. Then taking one section at a time, I work those into smaller sections of hair which I quite literally paint over in my desired shades.

I then leave the dye on for a few hours with something wrapped over my head, wash off, shampoo, condition and style as usual.

This is the immediate result, and I often find that the shades are brighter on my hair after a wash, and then slowly will begin to fade to a softer shade over a few weeks. I love semi-permanent dye so much as it means I can change things up depending on my mood, and it's also quite fun to mix shades and apply the logic of the colour wheel to what you're trying to achieve. Colour Freedom have a huge range of shades, from silvery greys to popping pinks, and you can shop the whole range here. They retail for £6.99 each, and are frequently part of special offer deals in Superdrug.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x
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  1. OK I love these colour tones on you! The green is absolutely gorgeous

  2. Oooh, I love it. I hanker for bright colours in my hair, but I'm also scared to mess with my natural colour. You look amazing, though.


    1. Thank you so much! I'm a firm believer that hair will grow back so am forever playing with it! ;) If you wanted to give it a go, maybe you could do something with the underneath sections of your hair? xx


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