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Diana Thompson is an internationally-published photographer, DJ, writer and fashion blogger based in North London. Addicted to tea, cake and vintage bargains, she can often be found with a mug in one hand and a camera in the other.

It was a love of fashion which led to her blog to change into what it is today. Initially intended as a space for press, out-takes and news about her work, it has evolved into a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog with an emphasis on retro styling whether with vintage or contemporary outfits.

Her work has been published in magazines such as Diva, Vogue, Oh Comely, New Empress, Le Monde, The Independent and L’Officiel.

Exhibitions include "Everyone Says Hi - an exhibition of Brixton Portraits" (London, May 2012) and her work was chosen by Nick Knight to appear in an installation shown in the window of Paris’ Le Printemps (Paris, Spring 2012). A new exhibition due Winter 2015 is currently underway with details to be announced shortly.

Diana also co-runs Whiskey Kittens, a London-based rock and roll club night in Brixton, London.

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