Wild Flowers - A PSOOTD with Dolly And Dotty - Petal Vintage Floral Swing Dress in Red

With the early Winter nights stretching the sunlight out a little more each day, it's hard to not start dreaming about all the fun which Spring will bring. The change of the season heralds a whole new wardrobe revamp, which in my case means swapping winter knits for ditsy prints and lots of floaty shapes. Vintage repro does this so well, so it was love at first sight when I came across the Dolly and Dotty website. Filled to bursting with swing dresses, fitted dreams and all manner of prints, their designs go up to a UK24 and I couldn't wait to take one for a spin - quite literally!

With so many styles to choose from, it was so difficult to pick the one I liked the best. In the end, I went with what I felt I would get the most wear out of, and picked the Petal Vintage Floral Swing Dress in red.

The dress is an absolute dream. The high neckline easily accommodated my larger chest which was a really nice surprise. Normally this style of dress would show a lot of cleavage on me as they scramble to escape, so it was wonderful to find it roomy on top. For me, this meant that the dress was the holy grail of daytime options for any big boobed babes!

The gathered shoulders and waist were balanced with a matching print belt, and the dress is fully lined with a hidden zip to the back. Wearing it, the dress felt much more expensive than it's £30 tag. The fact that it came lined was unexpected, but unlike other dresses in the same price band, it wasn't a static nightmare. It fell and hung perfectly and I felt amazing twirling around in it. The lining does make the dress come up a shade tighter, so it's worth going up one if you're at the top end of your size. The fabric does have some stretch to it, and as such feels really comfy to wear.

This particular shape comes in more than ten different prints, and is available up to a UK size 24. You can also view the rest of their range by clicking here.

Until next time,

Diana xx

* Item sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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Run Run Run - Davina McCall for F&F Active

Back in December, I had some fun looking through the rails at the F&F SS16 press preview, and one of the things which really stood out to me was their incredible range of active wear. I've been a convert to their sports range F&F Active  for a few years, and regularly use their trainers and running leggings to train in as seen on me here. But thankfully they have someone with the ability to make sportswear look far more glamorous than I do in the shape of fitness fan, Davina McCall. Recently announced as the face of the brand, the collection is perfect for every fitness enthusiast, whether just starting out or a seasoned pro.

Whether for your yoga or spin class, the F&F Active range provides a collection of intelligent pieces which are designed to look great and perform as hard as you do. With fabrics chosen for their ability to breath easily and dry fast, comfort is combined with a trend led aesthetic with fashion forward shapes and bold prints at their heart. 

The range consists of 55 pieces, with prices starting at just £8. Items like their graphic print trainers and their selection of digital print leggings are almost too cute to keep under wraps in your gym bag! There are several key items which could easily be thrown into your normal wardrobe rotation if you're a fan of the sports luxe trend, and feeling good in your sports wear is half the battle to putting it on!

You can view the whole collection here, and whether you want to train or lounge, I'm sure you'll find something you'll love.

Until next time,

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Happy Shopper - Sale Shopping With Bonprix

I'm pretty sure that the old  saying goes "New Year, New Wardrobe" - why else would we be tempted with flashing offers and big discounts from all corners? That said, I like to try and be thrifty when shopping the sales, and try to go in with a clear mind of what I actually need. For instance, if I'm looking for a coat, I try not to stray too far into the shoes or dresses categories, no matter how big a temptation. This time I was looking for a few cute but casual dresses, and with a budget of £50, hit the Bonprix website for some bargains.

Going from a size 6 to a size 32, Bonprix are one of those websites which have something to suit most styles. With a variety of current trends and classic shapes, their sale selection was easily searchable by size and offered up all sorts of beautiful choices.

The first item I picked up was this lovely beaded skater dress in ivory. I was amazed to find that it was lined when it arrived, with the beaded embellishment making what is essentially a comfy dress feel super smart. The only thing I'd say about it is to size up if you have a large bust, as whilst the dress itself is roomy, the lining makes it at least half a size smaller. The ivory colour is currently on sale for just £19.99 on the Bonprix website, with a whole £20 off!

My next sale bargain was the plunge back party dress in black, again half price at just £7.49. Made from a soft, stretchy jersey, this pretty scoop neck design has a plunging V at the back. I picked it up as I knew it'd be a good dress for shooting in as it looked so comfortable, but it's also the perfect item to roll up in the bottom of a suitcase. Being a plain black dress, it's something which you can dress up and down, and the fabric means it can be thrown easily over a swimsuit to walk to the beach, and will dry in no time.

My final sale find was this pretty sweetheart sun dress in red - another easy to wear casual dress, and another perfect pick for your holiday wardrobe. Although this one no longer seems to be on sale, I still can't recommend it enough as something light and floaty to wear. Whilst it's chilly now, in a few months time I can already tell that this will be one of my go to dresses in the warmer months.

You'll have to tell me what your favourite sale bargains have been in the comments below!

Until next time,

Diana xx

* Items brought with a £50 budget from Bonprix. All opinions are my own.

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Accentuating Your Body Shape - A Post By Beth Kendler

It’s no secret that we’ve all got extremely different bodies. In fact, no two people are built exactly the same! Even when fashion magazines show us images of models that all seem to look alike body-wise, we know by now that these images are not true reflections. They are altered with editing tools, clever photography, and a variety of other different factors.

Since we know our bodies vary from person to person, it’s hard to create a set list of style tips to fit a general public. Because, truthfully, the same tips just don’t apply for every woman! Not only do you need to take your body type into consideration, but style also depends on your personal preference, your colour palette, and your overall fashion identity. Since the latter factors are up to women as individuals, I’d like to focus today on something we can all use with a cheat sheet that touches on a few common body types that require different methods of styling.
Simply find your body type below and check out the tips associated. Hopefully you’ll find a useful dressing technique you haven’t tried before!

Body Type: Apple
Description: Your widest measurement is your tummy
What to Wear: Apple-shaped gals look great in shift dresses, because they offer tapering without too much annoying cling. A shift dress also shows off your great legs, which is a common asset for Apple shapes. Pair with flats that have an extra inch or so of height to modestly lengthen your legs even more. WhoWhatWear suggests that you hem your dress to show off your legs.

Body Type: Busty
Description: Your largest measurement is across the chest
What to Wear: The V-neck top should be a staple in your wardrobe. The cut doesn’t choke you, and it does must more justice for your bust. When purchasing online, consider checking out the way tops look on similar-shaped models such as those on WomanWithin. It can be dangerous to purchase a top that dips too low, but overall, a small V can elongate your neckline elegantly.

Body Type: Hourglass
Description: Your bust and hips are equal in width
What to Wear: Your curvy figure looks best with garments that show off your waistline, further accentuating your silhouette. InStyle advises to “cinch dresses, jackets and sweaters at the waist,” and to “avoid low-rise jeans” because they’re not designed to fit your body properly. Instead, try mid-rise that won’t gape in the back.

Body Type: Pear
Description: Your bottom half is more prominent than the top
What to Wear: An A-line dress will flatter your figure flawlessly. Because of the fitted top portion, your dainty shape is highlighted. A fuller skirt on bottom creates a flirtatious twirl effect. SheKnows says the pear shape is the most common for women, so it’s likely there are a lot of garments out there that will work well for you.

No matter which body type you identify with, there are all kinds of styles out there meant to work with you, not against you. You just need to know what to look for!

Post written by Beth Kendler, a writer based out of Orlando, Fla. who loves covering all things related to fashion. In her downtime, she enjoys relaxing by the shore, diving into a good book, and looking for new artists on Spotify.


Santa, Baby - A Late Secret Santa Gift From Gemporia

Way, way back in early December when the thought of Christmas was still merrily dancing towards us, the lovely people at Gemporia got in touch to see if I would be interested in partaking in a secret santa with them. Of course I jumped at the chance - who wouldn't want to receive some mystery jewellery in the post - and get sent the name of another blogger who I would be teamed up to swap with.

I found out that my secret santa buddy was Lilla of Lilla Loves. After stalking her blog and Instagram for ages, I decided on a pretty Smokey Quartz ring for her as I really loved the cut of it and it seemed to fit with her style aesthetic. Sadly I had left London early for Christmas so missed the delivery of mine, and only received it a few days ago. But they do say that good things come to those who wait, and it was rather lovely coming home to wonderful gift in the new year.

For me, Lilla had chosen a pair of silver and black spinel cuff earrings. When I opened them up, I thought they were pretty but definitely not something I would have chose for myself. But as soon as I put them on, I loved them -  they spoke to both my vintage loving and rock and roll sensibilities and were pretty much the perfect pick!

I loved the design - the bottom clips on like a normal stud earring, with a small cuff at the top which you pinch in to stay in place. I'll definitely be rocking these whenever I wear my hair up as they really are so eye catching!

If you want to see more from Gemporia, check out their exclusive collection here!

Until next time,

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New Year, Same Me

New year resolutions were something I grew out of in my early twenties. Like my forever love of skater jeans and oversized band t-shirts, I decided that they just didn't work for me no matter how much they seemed like a good idea at the time.

Whilst the new year is the perfect opportunity to be positive about what you can achieve moving forward, all to often it switches to a rhetoric where you're deemed to not be good enough to start with. This isn't true - the second between one year starting and another ending doesn't suddenly make you less worthy than what you were previously.

Self improvement is always a good thing, whether through education, trying new things or simply achieving a better balance which works for you. But at no point should you ever let yourself feel bullied or belittled because you don't feel the need to change anything. If you feel happy and good in your life, then carry on! Clearly you're doing something right!

For myself, I always view the start of the year as something of a blank slate. Being freelance, December is often a bit of an admin and planning month before the slippery, sloppy descent into being a gin soaked Christmas tree begins. Then I have two weeks where I live in tinsel and Christmas jumpers, hibernate with a pile of malteasers, tea and boardgames and come out the other side, fully refreshed and ready to take things on. I like to give myself a list of things which I want to achieve - things which are firstly obtainable, and also things which will push me forward. This year, they are:

  • Pick up my 5k training and run (rather than walk) my second 5k race.
  • Finally get around to finishing the new version of my photography website.
  • Start work on a photography project which I've been planning for the last 18 months.
  • Start to research and approach photographic agents.
  • Move into a space which will serve as a proper live / work environment for myself and Lord Dicely.

It's so easy to allow January to make you feel miserable. It doesn't have to be a month of diets, deprivation and self loathing! Embrace the possibility of transformation, but not by means of diet pills or the threat of holiday swimwear. Instead of focusing on things to make you miserable, concentrate on achievable goals which will offer you happiness in the long term. And if you don't quite make them this year? Who care! So long as you are a step closer to being where you want to be, take everything in your own time.

Until next time,

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A Night At The Movies with Gracewell Healthcare

It's not very often that I stray too far from fashion and beauty on the blog, but this was such a lovely campaign that I just had to get involved. When I was contacted on behalf of Gracewell of Chingford to see if I would be interested in hosting a movie night, I jumped at the chance as going home for the holidays sounded like the perfect excuse to get cosy with a film and big bowl of popcorn!

Watching a movie is one of those universal enjoyments - it doesn't matter if you're 6 or 60, it is so easy to get lost in the celluloid world. It serves as both a wonderful distraction, and as the perfect activity to pass time with those we love.

Gracewell of Chingford know this better than anyone, and frequently put on movie nights for their residents to enjoy along with their families. With family being so key, I decided to hold mine on New Years Eve in conjunction with an evening of boardgames. We were away in the countryside for the festive period and happily spent the evening enjoying popcorn, sweets and wine, as well as each other's company.

We had a wonderful evening bringing in the new year together, and it was such a lovely way to kick things off. I hope that your 2016 started in just as wonderful a manner, and that it continues to soar onwards and upwards.

Until next time,

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