Wild Mountain Berries - Lovedrobe High Neck Skater Dress from Simply Be

I'm going to be honest and say that I brought this dress whilst tipsy. Whenever I am fortunate enough to spend some time with my wonderful mother-in-law, gin and rosé tend to feature heavily as we catch up. And after one such session, it was all too easy to click purchase when my eyes turned into (slightly glazed over) drunken hearts upon seeing this Lovedrobe design for Simply Be.


Autumn Leaves - Sterling Silver Leaf Pendant from Franki Baker

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite time of year, so when I saw this darling Sterling Silver Leaf Pendant from Franki Baker, I completely fell in love. With it's stunning silver finish, the necklace really is the perfect item to team with those seasonal black and berry colour palettes.


The White Stripes - Stripe Maxi Shirt Dress from Simply Be

You cannot beat a maxi dress in your suitcase for some seriously stylish holiday fashion. This stunning stripe maxi shirt dress from Simply Be (£45) will take you from beach to brunch with ease, with it's effortless style making it so easy to wear. When I saw it on the website, it was giving me some serious 70s boho vibes which made my heart race, so I knew I had to order it and see if I could put a whole look together around it.


Lipstick on Your Collar - Lipstick & Lipgloss from MYJ Beauty

A good lipstick discovery is like unearthing some sort of treasure haul. and as someone who regularly goes into Boots for one thing only to leave much later covered in make-up swatches, I really do enjoy finding new favourites. I was very excited when I discovered London based brand MYJ Beauty via their Instagram page, and even more so when a package arrived at my door with a selection of goodies for me to road test!


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These - Retro Pick And Mix Gifts from Lolly's Sweet Treats

You know that you're in for a good day when your postman delivers a giant Retro Pick And Mix Sweets Jar into your hands! Filled with all manner of nostalgic goodness, Lolly's Sweet Treats offer a huge variety of sweetie inspired gifts which are perfect for anyone with a taste for life's more fun side.


Lilac Wine - Floral Print Tea Dress from Simply Be

If you're looking for a selection of the most perfect party dresses, Simply Be have recently been knocking it out of the park. It was love at first sight when I first spotted this floral print tea dress on the site, and I could see myself wearing it for a variety of both smart and casual occasions. That's the great thing about the classic tea dress - they completely transform depending on whether you're pairing them with pumps or heels!


Bags Of Style - Leather DSLR Photography Camera Bag from Abitoffthemapp

I was so excited to review this beautiful camera bag from Abitoffthemapp. As both a photographer and a fashion lover, I've found it increasingly difficult to find a bag which is both practical AND attractive. Other than old vintage classics which aren't always as hard-wearing as I need them to be, the choices seem to mostly be sleek but too small, or large and ugly. My current go to on shoot days is a musty green canvas affair which holds everything I need safely, but is more frump than fancy. This lovely soft brown bag fits right in with my vintage style loving sensibilities whilst managing to find space for everything to slot in safely.


Jump Around - Black Free Size Jumpsuit from Freedom Of Figure

When I first stumbled across new brand Freedom Of Figure, I absolutely loved their concept. It was simple - a series of well designed wardrobe staples designed to be genuinely free size. With many items fitting between a UK 8 - 24 I was really intruiged by their clever cuts and use of fabric and absolutely jumped at the chance to wriggle myself into one and put it through it's paces!


Smells Like Teen Spirit - New Look Plus Bardot Skater Dress via ASOS

With the 90s revival in full swing, my current wardrobe staples are very reminiscent of the dream style I wished I'd had as a teenager. If 15 year old me could high-five 30-something me right now, she totally would! With my fashion (and music) sensibilities caught smack bang in between my gothy and grungy loves, my heart was all vampy lips and cute black dresses, whilst my wardrobe was baggy jeans and oversized band tees and hoodies. I really lacked confidence in everything to do with myself, so my style was as much to blend into a sea of other Camdenites every weekend, hiding amongst the bulbous layers of fabric so that no one would spot me. Oh how I'd love to give teen me a hug and tell her to just do her own thing.


Devil's Haircut

It's been a while since I last spoke about my photography work, although those who follow me on Instagram would have got some hints as to what I've been up to over the last few months. Most of what I shoot tends to be based around fashion, beauty and portraiture, so when I get to combine my three loves with one client, I'm always a very happy photo geek. UK hair dressing chain Headmasters is one such client where I get to shoot that happy trinity, and whilst I tend to work on a few smaller jobs with them a year, it's the week long shoot with their up and coming stars which I always really look forward to.


For All The Cowls

I do love a good cowl neck, so when Chattermonkey, my wonderful, eagle eyed fashionista of a friend spotted this beautiful navy blue Scarlett & Jo dress at a recent Fat Positive Clothes Swap, I was over the moon! Whist I don't think it's the sort of style which would have attracted my attention on the hanger, the second I wriggled myself into it, I was in love!


Hang A Shining Star - #SimplyBeXmas - Christmas 2016 from Simply Be

I was so sad to miss Simply Be's AW16 press day earlier in the year, as I was shooting for Headmasters on the total opposite side of London. But seeing the photos on social media had me dreaming of shimmering sequins and art deco patterns, so I was super excited to get to preview their Christmas edit which is due to drop throughout September and October. It was certainly worth the wait - if you've been following me on Instagram, you'll have seen that I've been wishing that Autumn would hurry up and arrive, and this stunning collection has done nothing but strengthen that resolve!


You Swing Me Right Round - Darlene Retro Full Circle Swing Dress from Dolly And Dotty

This is my second dress from the lovely vintage repro brand Dolly and Dotty, and having fallen in love with the first one, I was very excited to see how this completely different style fitted. I loved the neckline and colour combinations of the Darlene style, but was a little hesitant about how my large bust size might ruin the lines. Turns out I needn't have worried at all thanks to a wonderful cut and very forgiving fabric!


Summer Loving - Window Shopping For Summer Inspiration

At the moment I am waiting for several late paying clients to throw some money my way, so whilst I'm living that "freelance dream", I keep finding myself window shopping to pass the time. One of my favourite sites to peruse at the moment is the House of Fraser website, particularity their dress section. They are a fantastic department store for stunning plus size finds, as their frequent sales mixed with high end brands suddenly make the more luxurious end of the plus size market that much more obtainable - even on a freelancer's wage!

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