It's hard to imagine that just a few days ago, London was fully in the throes of blazing, glorious sunshine. I was dousing myself in factor 50, hiding under wide brim hats, and shooting blog content convinced we were now at the very start of summer. How wrong I was! Today it's pouring with rain, I'm writing this in my PJs with an awful cold and couldn't be further away from that beautiful, balmy happiness which spring often brings. But I'm working on the assumption that everything is better with dinosaurs, so say hello to Dippy and today's blog post.


Summer Lovin' - Jade Ice-cream Swing Dress from Collectif

Now that we've finally been blessed with some actual real life sunshine, is there anything better suited to it than some icy treats? Well Collectif have gone one step forward and created the most incredible dress. If you've ever wanted to feel like a magical ice cream flavoured pin-up, then make sure you keep on reading!


How is gender-neutral clothing shaping the fashion industry?

How is gender-neutral clothing shaping the fashion industry?

The days of women-only skirts and men-only trouser suits are long behind us. Many brands are removing
gender labels from their clothing ranges and embracing gender fluidity, emphasising that people should be able
to wear what they want! Even if the labels aren’t there, designers have been taking inspiration from the
traditional styles of the opposite sex for many years — from boyfriend-cut jeans to men’s skirts. Together with
Trilogy Stores, retailer of premium denim brand J Brand, we explore the topic further.


Floating On Sunshine - How To Stay Cool In Hot Hot Heat

Hi everyone! I purchased this dress from H&M back on January, and honestly, it is made of pure sunshine. I've sat on it bar the odd snap on Instagram as it needed to be worn in the most glorious of sunny weather, and I am so excited that those conditions have finally arrived here in London!


Pink Lady - Lost Ink Chiffon And Satin Dress from Nabavi

You know how sometimes you see a dress, and whilst it's not necessarily your usual style, something inside your head screams that you need it in your life immediately? That was how I felt when I saw this Lost Ink chiffon and satin number on the Navabi website. Whilst pink isn't usually a colour I go for other than as an accent, it was all my Sarah in Labyrinth via Courtney Love grunge dreams all come true at once. And I couldn't wait to try it out!

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