Hey Mickey You're So Fine

These photos were shot right at the start of things falling apart. I remember cutting my fringe too short and too wonky and thinking that there was no way that my hair could look worse than it possibly could in that moment. Four months later, WHO KNEW? I think all of the next few posts are going to need some sort of warning about the state of my hair. But on the plus side, you can see at exactly which point in the pandemic each item was shot, so you can guess what the chances are of things being in stock still! (In this instance, for the most part zero. Sorry pals!)


Feeling Blue

Hello dear reader, the last few months have been strange all round for everyone, and like much of the general population, the only fashion I've been invested in are pyjama and jogging bottoms based. Bra? I don't know her. But as we're now trying to scramble for some sort of normal, it means I have to think about what's in my wardrobe again, and not just constantly rotate my three favourite sets of pyjamas. So this is the first on a series of posts of photos that I've sat on for months, meaning that much of what will be in the next few posts is probably now unavailable. I'll be sure to leave links where I can, but hopefully the photos themselves might create some outfit inspiration.


Taking Control of Your Life Post-Lockdown

* This is a partnered post.

The past few months have been difficult for a lot of people, and this is something that has caused
changes in behaviour and approach. COVID-19 has changed the world, and there are so many things
that have happened in the world that have affected so many people. You need to understand that life
will not be the same once coronavirus is behind us, and making changes to your life now stands you
in good stead to deal with this.


The Importance Of Routine In Lock Down Life

Living with a partner who is predisposed to lung and chest issues, Howard and I have very much been in lock down since the middle of March. I have now lost count of how many days we've been hiding out in our tiny first floor rental, but it feels like a very long time ago that we passed the one hundred mark. Now it's less about looking from where we came from, and adapting to where we are going next. And as every freelancer knows, a large part of that has come from finding some sort of routine in order to keep getting out of bed in the morning, because let me tell you, as a photographer with no photography work, it's not always been easy.

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