Roll Those Sleeves Up - Arm Knitting With Woolly Mahoosive

I'm pretty new to the knitting game, and if I'm completely honest, am still a bit scared of anything which isn't scarf shaped. But when I was offered the chance to work with chunky wool retailer Woolly Mahoosive, I just couldn't resist trying something a bit different with some arm knitting. The idea of knitting up a (literally!) huge project in 45 minutes intrigued me, and I couldn't wait to get started.


Wiggle In Your Walk - Gumdrop Gingham Ursula Dress from Lady Voluptuous

You know that feeling when you're SO excited for a dress to arrive? The Gumdrop Gingham Ursula Dress from Lady Voluptuous had me dreaming of cake filled picnics and long sunny evenings and I couldn't wait to pull it on the second it was delivered. I'm a huge fan of the Lady Voluptuous range, but this was my first time with one of their wiggle dresses and well, it was a revelation.


Black Heart - Lost Ink Chiffon Insert Dress from Navabi

I love it when a simple dress is deceptively detailed, elevating it to an effortlessly chic style whilst being super easy to wear. This lovely Lost Ink Chiffon Insert Dress from Navabi* is a brilliant example of that. On the surface it's a quick to throw on LBD bordering on t-shirt dress comfort levels, but upon closer inspection it is SO much more.


Be Hair-raising - Dealing With Hair Loss via PCOS

Hair loss is no joke. Whether hormone or hereditary, it doesn't matter how it creeps up on you, it's something which can severely affect your confidence. We spend so much time using hair as part of our identity, whether through cuts, colours or styling, and to have that changed with seemingly little control can really shake you up. As someone with PCOS, the symptom I find most difficult to deal with is hair loss from the front. I'm lucky that the placement doesn't make it too obvious because I can style my hair to cover it, but I know the two small patches are there, and fear for them growing every time I wash or brush it. But what can you do? Well, I've found a few things which help...


Stripe It Lucky - Curves Black Stripe Toggle Waist Shirt Dress from New Look Curves

I'm all about dresses which are stylish, timeless and effortless and this lovely Black Stripe Toggle Waist Shirt Dress from New Look Curves gets top marks on all three counts. Anything which you can just throw on and feel fabulous in with very little fuss is the sartorial dream, and as we tentatively step into spring, I can tell already this is going to be one of my main go to styles.


Favourite Looks From London Fashion Week

Our favourite looks from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has been and gone, but what did it teach us? Maxi dresses retailer, QUIZ, rounds up its favourite looks from the catwalks.


Spring Cleaning

Click here for outfit details.

It feels like we are witnessing some sort of weather miracle today, with the snowy, grey clouds parting to leave us with what might just be the beginning of spring. Seeing those blue skies with a cool breeze always makes me want to throw open all of the windows in the flat, and get to all those little cleaning jobs I keep managing to put off. Spring always feels like the start of something new, so I like to get things in order and start afresh - almost like a mini new year all over again.

Summer In The City - Swimsuits From Fashion World

I don't know about you, but I am fed up of trying to spend my days fending off frost bite by drinking mugs of steaming hot tea the size of my head. This weather whilst pretty to look at, is absolutely no fun at all for getting things done in. When doing something as simple as a food shop makes you fear for your life, there's only one thing to do - look beyond the snow laden skies and dream of summer, beach weather and the perfect holiday wardrobe. This year I really need to get a new swimsuit, and Fashion World currently have a pretty epic selection which includes brands such as SimplyBe, Magisculpt and Elomi. If you're looking for some sunny inspiration, here are a few of my favourites after the jump.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Ruched Sleeve Skater Dress from Simply Be

When I first saw this Ruched Sleeve Skater Dress on the Simply Be website, I was besotted with the 80s style puffball sleeves. Goth Molly Ringwald is as style choice I can fully get behind, so couldn't wait for the dress to arrive at my flat to see if it was everything I'd hoped. Spoiler alert - it was!

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