Fashion Loves Photos for MadeIn Magazine - an interview with London photographer and fashion blogger, Diana Thompson.

Recently I wrote about a preview piece which MadeIn Magazine had profiled me for, and I'm happy to say that the full ten page spread has now been released! I'm mostly talking about photography and fashion, and it's a very image heavy piece with lots of photos from my portfolio and fashion blog.

There are some snippets below relevant to the blog, but for anyone interested in my work, Whiskey Kittens and lots of silly other things, the whole interview can be found here.


Mis-shapes, Mistakes, Misfits - when good vintage goes bad.

I picked up this vintage dress a few weeks ago, at the same time I brought this one. I desperately wanted to make it work as a Summer wardrobe staple but no matter what I put with it, nothing seemed to quite look right. I think a huge part of the problem is that my breasts are bring the pockets up too high which then throws off the shape of the rest of the dress. It's a shame as it's a cute print, but I'm not sure if this dress will see anything more exciting than my local supermarket.


In The Navy? Sailors vs Vikings For A Lazy Museum Saturday.

Last Saturday, I was so excited to finally get to see the Vikings exhibition at The British Museum! It had been on our to-do list ever since the collection was first announced, and it really didn't disappoint.

Vikings: Life & Legend was more than just a collection of artefacts. It featured many new archaeological discoveries alongside items from the British Museum's personal collection and that from other places across Britain and Ireland. It really made a point of showing Viking culture not just as raiders and traders, but as husbands, wives and a part of an overall community. It was fascinating to see the network built up between continents, where a mixture of religious, artistic and political ideas were combined as different influences sailed in tandem with loot, ornate weapons and plundered treasures.


Splish Splash - The Fashionworld Liz McClarnon Bandeau Swimsuit in Flamingo Print for #FWSpotlight.

Back in April, I was lucky enough to sit down with the lovely Liz McClarnon and have a chat with her about the stunning new swimwear range she'd worked on with Fashionworld. The gorgeous, kitsch prints really spoke to my vintage loving side, and I couldn't wait to squeeze myself into one of them for some poolside fun!

I really liked the shape of the sundress, but the Liz McClarnon Bandeau Swimsuit (£32) felt like it would be a better fit with my shape. I have a very large bust (K-Cup) and liked that the swimsuit came with foam cups and a bust shelf to help support them. Although my boobs become flotation devices once in the water, it's nice to be as jiggle-free as possible during the walk to the pool or beach!


Made In Mag Preview for Fashion Loves Photos.

(c) MadeIn Mag. Photos by Fashion Loves Photos.
Red polka dot dress, red gingham dress and red cardigan from Collectif.
Black sequin dress from Yours Clothing.
Vintage repro dress from Viviene of Holloway.
Flowers from Pearls & Swine.
The lovely people at MadeIn Mag recently got in touch to see if they could run a feature on me and I was so excited at the prospect. It's a fantastic magazine profiling people from all sorts of artistic and creative disciplines and it is such an honour to have been given such a wonderful space to babble on about photography, fashion and more.

(c) MadeIn Mag. Photos by Fashion Loves Photos.
Black sequin dress from Yours Clothing.
Before the issue is published, they have released a little preview q&a with me which can be found online here. I'm so excited for the full interview to come out and cannot wait to share with you! 

Until next time,

Diana xx

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Life As A Daydream - A Week in Cornwall (Part 2).

Continuing on from yesterday's post, a sunny Tuesday morning in Cornwall started with a quick round of golf. Previously to this, the only sort of golf I'd ever played was of the crazy variety at the beach, so it felt a whole lot more serious lugging around a huge bag with lots of different clubs. Obviously I was awful at it, but the green was surrounded by a whole host of cows and bunnies and with none of us taking it at all seriously, it was a lovely, silly way to start the day.


Life As A Daydream - A Week in Cornwall (Part 1).

Recently the blog has been a little quiet as I was lucky enough to escape to Cornwall for the week with my darling Lord Dicely and his wonderful parents. We had rented a holiday home just outside of Newquay where over the course of seven days, we found ourselves climbing up castle ruins, splashing around in waves and visiting with the most adorable penguins. A lot of the earlier photos are shot on my phone, but I was lucky enough to capture some stunning views through my lenses.


Life's A Beach - A Seaside Ready Vintage Shift Dress.

I've been on the hunt for a sunshine ready shift dress, and have found a few recent vintage bargains by way of eBay and thrift shops. This particular number made me fall in love instantly, with it's pattern reminiscent of old deckchairs at the British pebbled seaside.

Dress: Vintage via eBay.
White Sunglasses Necklace: Tatty Devine.
Boater Hat: H&M.
Tights: Naturally Close Airflow Tights from FashionWorld.
Shoes: Thrifted.
Belt: Vintage Look Waist And Hip Belt from ASOS Curve.

Even though I tend to stay away from shapes which produce a visible VBO on me, I couldn't resist the soft colours and kitsch feel and just had to have it. I could see it topped perfectly with a straw hat and dripping ice-cream and know that the first chance I escape to Brighton, this will be what I'll be running over the pebbles in!

Until next time,

Diana xx

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Holiday, Celebrate - See you all in a week!

Swimsuit is from the Liz McClarnon range at Fashion World. Full review coming to the blog soon!
Hello loves,

Myself and Lord Dicely have managed to drag ourselves away from work for a week, and will be hiding amongst the beaches and gardens of Cornwall for a few days of fun, boardgames and day dreaming. As such the blog will be a little quiet, but I'll have plenty to share with you when we get back.

Enjoy the super long weekend! :)

Until next time,

Diana xx

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(All photos (c) Diana Thompson / Fashion Loves Photos unless otherwise stated. Please do not reproduce without written permission.)


Blossom Of Snow: Edition Edelweiss from Sinn, Anti Aging Skin Care with The Miracle Of Edelweiss.

Recently I was approached by a company called Energy For Living who are about to start distributing Siin, an exciting Austrian beauty company to the UK. They were launching the brand with a range of anti-ageing skincare products called Edition Edelweiss and I was very excited to be asked to try out some of the products in the range.

I wanted to do a vlog about the brand as the way they had sent the box was so lovely. It arrived wrapped in purple satin and I felt like it was my birthday as I unboxed it all! This was the first ever vblog I've done, and it was quite fun - although it's so strange hearing my voice! It's never quite how you hear it somehow.

The two products which I got to try out were the Edition Edelweiss Milky Cleansing and the 24 H Essence Cream.

The Edelweiss Milky Cleansing was absolute delight on the skin. I massaged a small amount onto my face and neck and splashed it off with some warm water. My skin felt soft and smooth with no tightness at all with rose oil, goji berry and ginseng root extract all helping along with the exclusive Edelweiss extract.

It was the Edelweiss 24 h Essence Cream which was the real star though. The cream was incredibly rich yet melted into the skin with no sticky residue and helped to protect the skin throughout the day. Along with the Edelweiss extract, it also had aloe vera and olive leaf extract, wheat germ extract and jojoba oil.

According to Siin's latest research,

❤ Edelweiss active agents have powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant effects.

❤ The high tannin content has a skin-protecting effect. The tannins work to tighten the skin, the high flavonoid content prevents blood capillary brittleness and protects the vessels prior to the formation of so called spider veins and rosacea. 
❤ Edelweiss active agents additionally stimulate blood circulation, increase cell elasticity and stimulate skin renewal.

If you want to find out more about the brand, you can visit the Siin website here. They can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Until next time,

Diana xx

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The Look Of Love - Rockabilly Frames and Vintage Styled Eyewear from Specspost.

Recently I was approached by Specspost to see if I might be interested in trying out a pair of their frames. Having fallen in love with a selection of vintage inspired styles, I couldn't wait to get my hands on them!

With prescription filled frames available on the Specspost site from as little as £9, this fledgling online business is fighting fit against their high street rivals. Having existed for just over a year, their selection is constantly growing and they are about to launch a new in-house range of wooden frames called "Project Oaken Shield".

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