Five Tips To Get Your House Off The Market

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There is nothing more stressful than trying to sell your home when it’s been sitting and listed for a while.

You need to be able to move on and buy a new property, but you can only do that when you sell your

home first. You might have reasons to sell it fast, or you simply feel impatient about waiting around for it. 


Here Comes The Summer - Lily Off Shoulder Red Tartan Swing Dress from Dolly & Dotty (*Ad PR Gifted)

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Since moving to Brighton a few months ago, I feel like a totally different person. It's always been my happy place, but with the sea breeze and and crashing waves, for the first time I feel like a person who is genuinely at home. I feel like a person who likes the summer. I feel like a person who has settled in.


So Hi There


So to let you know how far behind I am with writing blog posts, these photos were taken some time in September 2020. It's not that I lost interest in writing about fashion, but more that with everything going on in the world, it just felt incredibly frivolous. Between Covid, moving across cities (twice!) and trying to keep my head above water in all senses just like everyone else this last year, I guess this blog was the last thing on my mind. I kept posting on Instagram, but it's nice to have a place to come back to with some more longer form writing.


5 Clever Ways to Improve Your Fashion Sense

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Blue Denim Collared Top With We See What We Want Text Overlay

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Zooming In On The Best Ways To Let Loose In Front Of The Camera

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We live in a world where pictures don’t just say a thousand words – they tell a significant part of the story! From documenting what we eat through to capturing precious moments – visual platforms like Instagram mean that we’re way more likely to reach for the camera, or book a photoshoot, than we ever have been before.

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