Lucky Pressure

It's been a crazy month here in photography towers, and we've been making the most of the sunshine shooting on location as often as we have been at The Second Floor Studio.

Having shot an editorial for Diva Magazine last month, tomorrow we're heading to the sunny shores of Brighton for editorial number two! Cupcakes and cheesey chips are calling...

However, here's a taster of what's been happening at Fashion Loves Photos:

Firstly, the always amazing Al Pillay who last week had an amazing interview in The Voice newspaper with some of my photos:

The ever handsome Geoff Carr. As his dwarf alter-ego...

Bettie Wishes at her first London show at Volupte:

Some of the shots for website It's My Generation:

Product shots for Rockalily:

Various headshots:

 And finally, a teaser from some photos done with MUA Miss HoneyBare of the lovely Natalie Booth:

There are lots of changes happening at the moment, and lots of exciting work coming up. I have three editorial shoots underwraps (two shot with the incredible make-up artist Sarah Frasca who has an amazing blog) which I can't wait to share with you...  

Diana ♥

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