Dotty For Polka Dots - New Look Curve


I have a few easy go to wear feel good dresses, but this red polka dot New Look number is probably the first one I grab every time. It's not especially fancy, but there is something so classical about the shape that it can be dressed up and down with ease. Plus I feel like a ladybug every time I put it on, and that always gives me a tiny burst of serotonin.

Joanie Leaf Summer Dress

There's nothing like a dress with pockets to get my pulse rating, but when you add in a stunning print featuring one of my favourite plants, Joanie just about stopped my heart!


Last Days Of Summer


It seems ridiculous writing this blog post as we are now smack bang in the middle of October, but the weather still has some warmth and it still seems to be a case of light layers rather than heavy coats. I've become more and more of a fan of roll neck jumpers under summer dresses, and can definitely see myself doing that with both these summer styles. It just helps to make my wardrobe smaller, more concise and much more versatile all year round.

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