Christmas, But Make It Fashion

The older I've got, the more my Christmas has been about feeling comfy. When choosing what to wear, the biggest factors have mostly been to do with how stretchy the garment is, so as to ensure maximum comfort whilst diving into that second tin of Quality Street. I still haven't quite decided what I'm going to be wearing on the big day itself, but there are definitely some contenders in the pipe line. Glam, cosy or comfy, or something which encompasses all three?


Scents Of Adventure - Christmas Ideas with Aqua Manda

*Items featured in this blog post have been gifted, but all words and opinions are my own.

You all know that I love a good vintage handbag or hairstyle, and have amassed something of a collection of original vintage compact cases and repro lipsticks. So when I was approached about trying out the range of perfumes from the legendary Aqua Manda, my heart was giddy with excitement.


Festive fashion: How to go from desk to drinks this Christmas

With Christmas party season in full swing, there are bound to be plenty of opportunities for you to meet up with friends for a drink or two after work. Whether it’s a long overdue catch up with the girls or a festive office party, you want to look your best for the occasion. Striking the right balance between work-appropriate and party-ready can be tricky – but it’s not impossible!

This festive fashion guide inspired by this season’s biggest trends will help you move effortlessly from desk to drinks this Christmas.


Rocking Around The Christmas Tree with Red Candy

* Post contains gifted items

If you're looking for the perfect gift for that difficult to buy for person, then online retailed Red Candy have you covered. From quirky homewares to the best secret santa gifts, there's a huge range of categories and budgets to suit almost everyone.


Fly Me To The Moon - Venus Van Chic Pamela Sleeved Swing Dress from Dolly & Dotty

I've spoke about my love for vintage repro brand Dolly & Dotty before on the blog, and often find that they are one of my go to faves when looking for a dress for a special occasion. But recently there was a dress on their site which really caught my eye, one which stepped away from the usual frivolous kitsch normally associated with repro styles. This dress was grown up Bettie Draper realness, and the perfect style for anyone who wants a smart wardrobe staple with a vintage twist.


Christmas Stockings with UK Tights

*Post contains products which have been sent as a gift.

It's definitely tights weather out there, with winter having finally made itself at home here in London. But with party season on the horizon, we don't just want tights that fit. We want cute stockings, hold-ups and all those trimmings which finish off the perfect party outfit. And with so many brands to choose from in one place, UK Tights are the hosiery superhero we all need in our life!


Christmas Wish List - Personalised Items For Hard To Buy For People

* Post contains gifted items.

How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? I'm currently on first name terms with my local courier and postman, so I guess that tells you how things are over here! It feels like it's never ending though, and there is always at least one person who is difficult to buy for. So why not opt for something special, and get something personalised for the person who has everything?


Christmas Sparkle With A Discount From Bradbury’s of Halifax

Post contains a gifted item.

I don't know about you, but with Bonfire Night behind us, I'm definitely itching to put up my Christmas decorations. And this can only mean one thing - the count down to the festive season is well and truly underway! For once I'm actually feeling pretty good about where I am with my Christmas shopping, but I am waiting for some of the Black Friday deals to drop before I pick up the big ticket items (read: my boyfriend's boardgame wishlist!) But if you want to get ahead of the game, Bradbury’s The Jewellers have kindly offered my readers an early Black Friday discount code to use on the Bradbury’s site until the 22nd November 2018. If you fancy bagging yourself 15% off, then keep on reading...


Autumn Daze - Ditsy Florals and Teddy Coats from Oasis and Simply Be

Autumn is my favourite time of the year for fashion. You can get away with layering summer dresses against winter knits, with cosy coats becoming the new normal. I'm so excited because I'm finally able to wear things I'd purchased months ago but have had to put aside as October gave way to a second summer. But with November heralding the slide into Christmas, the weather seems to have finally flicked a switch and caught up.


Cool Stuff - Christmas Wish List

With Halloween out of the way, you know that that means - we are finally on that mulled wine scented, twinkle light covered road towards Christmas time. But if like me you're a fan of doing your shopping in your pyjamas, buckle up for the first of several gift guides because baby it's cold outside. And no one wants to deal with Christmas shopping crowds in real life. (Whilst this isn't a sponsored post, please note that the links are AL where applicable.)


Witch Please - Harry Potter Halloween from EMP


I feel like I need to preface this blog post by saying that this isn't in any way sponsored or gifted. I'm just a massive nerd who thought that these clothing items might go towards serving up some Harry Potter Halloween inspiration for someone. So whether like me you're Team Hufflepuff or Team Wrong, click to expand and join the winning side!


Walk The Dinosaur

Howard recently visited EGX in Birmingham as part of a work thing, and being the wonderful person that he is, came home to London with this amazing Jurassic Park Staff t-shirt from one of the stands. I think it was obvious from the very audible shriek I made that I loved it, and could not wait to slip it into my everyday wardrobe.


So Very Plaid Indeed - Manon Baptiste Checked Shirt Dress from Navabi

About a year ago, I reviewed this fantastic Manon Baptist dress from Navabi and was so excited when they dropped this red and black check variant as part of their Autumn Winter range. When it arrived at my door as a gift from the brand, I could have exploded with happiness. As a 90s child, it's the greebo / grunge dress of my dreams, and perfect as we step into the colder weather during the latter part of autumn.


Beat It, Creep - Halloween Bath Bombs from Mimic Gifts

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that it's no secret that I love the spooky season. It's the perfect time of year for keeping it creepy with some Halloween cuteness. These bath bombs from Mimic Gifts are almost too adorable to use, but as fun as they looked living in my bathroom, I could no longer resist their sweet scents. And with the autumn nights now drawing in, it's the perfect time to draw a nice hot, long bath.


House Of Pain - PCOS, And How To Manage It

In today's post, I want to start a conversation about PCOS. It's a bit of a personal subject for most people who have it, and one filled with emotional responses for the many people who have to deal with the side effects. But with approximately 3.5 million people in the UK alone diagnosed with the condition, it's definitely a talk worth having in more detail, especially as it's so difficult to get diagnosed with, and is confusing to manage the different elements of the side effects. But as frustrating as PCOS is, it doesn't have to be the bane of your existence.


Storm In A Tea Pot - G&Tea Cocktail Set from Red Candy

Tea and gin are two of my favourite things, so when I saw that the clever people at Red Candy had managed to combine them both in the most adorable G&Tea Cocktail Set, I was super excited to put it to the test.


Polaroid, Kitty Cushions and Kitchen Kitsch - Say Hello To Cool Stuff

Hello lovely readers! For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you might have seen that I've been really busy with freelance work for the last few months which is why my blog posts have been a little bit sparse and sporadic. I'm hoping to be back to the usual three posts a week come September, and have lots of content prepped to go if only I can find the time to edit the images and write the words to accompany them! But I wanted to write today about a Sweedish company who I recently worked called Cool Stuff, who surprise, surprise, sell lots of fun, kitsch, silly and useful gift items. They were kind enough to send me a few items which made my cat loving photo nerd heart very happy, and between the fun kitty cushion and 70s style Polaroid bag, I'm pretty much in love!


Dungaree Day Dream - Visiting Manchester for Lovedrobe Loves

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time gently guiding people in front of the camera to help them put aside their shyness and coax out a stunning portrait. I've spent well over a decade perfecting the best way to do this, but when it comes to taking my own advice, do I ever listen? No, of course not! I turn into the most awkward person imaginable, even when I'm feeling really good in what I'm wearing. So when I was asked if I'd like to pop up to Manchester to shoot with Lovedrobe duo Liv and Katey, I knew I had to just throw myself right in and not over think it - and the results were so much fun!


Pep In Your Step - AW18 from Pep & Co

(c) Pep & Co
I tend to not blog about press days as they happen so quickly such in huge clumps, opting instead to send everything to my Instagram account. But after a proper jaw dropping moment in East London yesterday, I couldn't resist doing a quick little write up about budget brand, Pep & Co. But don't let the word budget fool you - this brand is here to compete with the fashion heavyweights!


Summer Days - AKA The Never Ending Quest For Non-Flaky Legs

Despite being born sometime in the early 80s, I feel like this is the first summer where I've actually properly dressed for it. Being a milk bottle Pokemon in their final stage of evolution, I have to be very careful with the sun. Over here it's a factor 50 party followed by big hats and even more factor 50 approximately 90 seconds upon leaving the house. Previous summers have seen me hide under leggings and cardigans in 35 degree heat, and I used to always say it was so that I didn't burn. But you know what, it wasn't - and today and I'm here to talk about something which I think a lot of other people deal with, but no one really speaks about.


Yeah They Were All Yellow

Do you have a favourite colour to wear? For me I adore happy, sunshine filled yellows, whether delicate lemons or heavy mustard hues. As I've mentioned a million times before, chubby bumblebee is my go to summer aesthetic and it's largely because I adore how the colours lift my mood. Here are a few of my favourites for some summertime fun, because I am a firm believer that how I dress heavily impacts my mood, and hopefully happiness is catching. A few of the items are now out of stock, but where possible I've left links - including a super on sale Skinny Dip bag, and the perfect Simply Be summer dress.


Holidays In The Sun - Luggage Which Lasts From TUMI

With the summer season running up fast to meet us, all thoughts are turned to dreams of holidays and summer fun. So whether you're off on a two week pool side adventure or running home for a weekend of downtime with friends or family, there's one thing we all need to help us with that journey - some sturdy, reliable,  luggage. And TUMI at Betty Hemmings are here to solve all of your luggage needs!


Where Are We Now? OOTDs Which Never Quite Made It

I love writing on my blog, but sometimes I'm not the best at staying on top of things. So as a consequence, I have found myself with a lot of outfits which were shot and edited, but never quite made it into their own post. Often it's because seasons changed, other things took over or life just quite frankly got in the way. But there are a few of them, and some of them I really love so I've decided over a few posts to publish them anyway just so they are out there. Where the items are still available, I've added a link.


Mugs, Prints & Stationary from Old English Prints

When a company gets in touch with you, and their products encompass plants, caffeine and stationary, you know that it's going to be a match made amongst the stars. So when Old English Prints got in touch with their unique brand of hand lettered stationary, giftware and enamel pins, I jumped at the chance to road test some of their beautiful products. And being a sucker for both plants and planning, I couldn't wait for a box filled with goodies to arrive.


Let It Grow - Jade Banana Leaf Swing Dress from Collectif

Are you ready for an adventure? Because that's where this Jade Banana Leaf Swing Dress from Collectif is going to take you. Anyone who follows me on Instagram knows that I already have a not so mild obsession going on with house plants, and the beautiful print of this dress does nothing to dispel this notion!



It's hard to imagine that just a few days ago, London was fully in the throes of blazing, glorious sunshine. I was dousing myself in factor 50, hiding under wide brim hats, and shooting blog content convinced we were now at the very start of summer. How wrong I was! Today it's pouring with rain, I'm writing this in my PJs with an awful cold and couldn't be further away from that beautiful, balmy happiness which spring often brings. But I'm working on the assumption that everything is better with dinosaurs, so say hello to Dippy and today's blog post.


Summer Lovin' - Jade Ice-cream Swing Dress from Collectif

Now that we've finally been blessed with some actual real life sunshine, is there anything better suited to it than some icy treats? Well Collectif have gone one step forward and created the most incredible dress. If you've ever wanted to feel like a magical ice cream flavoured pin-up, then make sure you keep on reading!


How is gender-neutral clothing shaping the fashion industry?

How is gender-neutral clothing shaping the fashion industry?

The days of women-only skirts and men-only trouser suits are long behind us. Many brands are removing
gender labels from their clothing ranges and embracing gender fluidity, emphasising that people should be able
to wear what they want! Even if the labels aren’t there, designers have been taking inspiration from the
traditional styles of the opposite sex for many years — from boyfriend-cut jeans to men’s skirts. Together with
Trilogy Stores, retailer of premium denim brand J Brand, we explore the topic further.


Floating On Sunshine - How To Stay Cool In Hot Hot Heat

Hi everyone! I purchased this dress from H&M back on January, and honestly, it is made of pure sunshine. I've sat on it bar the odd snap on Instagram as it needed to be worn in the most glorious of sunny weather, and I am so excited that those conditions have finally arrived here in London!


Pink Lady - Lost Ink Chiffon And Satin Dress from Nabavi

You know how sometimes you see a dress, and whilst it's not necessarily your usual style, something inside your head screams that you need it in your life immediately? That was how I felt when I saw this Lost Ink chiffon and satin number on the Navabi website. Whilst pink isn't usually a colour I go for other than as an accent, it was all my Sarah in Labyrinth via Courtney Love grunge dreams all come true at once. And I couldn't wait to try it out!


Roll Those Sleeves Up - Arm Knitting With Woolly Mahoosive

I'm pretty new to the knitting game, and if I'm completely honest, am still a bit scared of anything which isn't scarf shaped. But when I was offered the chance to work with chunky wool retailer Woolly Mahoosive, I just couldn't resist trying something a bit different with some arm knitting. The idea of knitting up a (literally!) huge project in 45 minutes intrigued me, and I couldn't wait to get started.


Wiggle In Your Walk - Gumdrop Gingham Ursula Dress from Lady Voluptuous

You know that feeling when you're SO excited for a dress to arrive? The Gumdrop Gingham Ursula Dress from Lady Voluptuous had me dreaming of cake filled picnics and long sunny evenings and I couldn't wait to pull it on the second it was delivered. I'm a huge fan of the Lady Voluptuous range, but this was my first time with one of their wiggle dresses and well, it was a revelation.


Black Heart - Lost Ink Chiffon Insert Dress from Navabi

I love it when a simple dress is deceptively detailed, elevating it to an effortlessly chic style whilst being super easy to wear. This lovely Lost Ink Chiffon Insert Dress from Navabi* is a brilliant example of that. On the surface it's a quick to throw on LBD bordering on t-shirt dress comfort levels, but upon closer inspection it is SO much more.


Be Hair-raising - Dealing With Hair Loss via PCOS

Hair loss is no joke. Whether hormone or hereditary, it doesn't matter how it creeps up on you, it's something which can severely affect your confidence. We spend so much time using hair as part of our identity, whether through cuts, colours or styling, and to have that changed with seemingly little control can really shake you up. As someone with PCOS, the symptom I find most difficult to deal with is hair loss from the front. I'm lucky that the placement doesn't make it too obvious because I can style my hair to cover it, but I know the two small patches are there, and fear for them growing every time I wash or brush it. But what can you do? Well, I've found a few things which help...


Stripe It Lucky - Curves Black Stripe Toggle Waist Shirt Dress from New Look Curves

I'm all about dresses which are stylish, timeless and effortless and this lovely Black Stripe Toggle Waist Shirt Dress from New Look Curves gets top marks on all three counts. Anything which you can just throw on and feel fabulous in with very little fuss is the sartorial dream, and as we tentatively step into spring, I can tell already this is going to be one of my main go to styles.


Favourite Looks From London Fashion Week

Our favourite looks from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has been and gone, but what did it teach us? Maxi dresses retailer, QUIZ, rounds up its favourite looks from the catwalks.


Spring Cleaning

Click here for outfit details.

It feels like we are witnessing some sort of weather miracle today, with the snowy, grey clouds parting to leave us with what might just be the beginning of spring. Seeing those blue skies with a cool breeze always makes me want to throw open all of the windows in the flat, and get to all those little cleaning jobs I keep managing to put off. Spring always feels like the start of something new, so I like to get things in order and start afresh - almost like a mini new year all over again.

Summer In The City - Swimsuits From Fashion World

I don't know about you, but I am fed up of trying to spend my days fending off frost bite by drinking mugs of steaming hot tea the size of my head. This weather whilst pretty to look at, is absolutely no fun at all for getting things done in. When doing something as simple as a food shop makes you fear for your life, there's only one thing to do - look beyond the snow laden skies and dream of summer, beach weather and the perfect holiday wardrobe. This year I really need to get a new swimsuit, and Fashion World currently have a pretty epic selection which includes brands such as SimplyBe, Magisculpt and Elomi. If you're looking for some sunny inspiration, here are a few of my favourites after the jump.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Ruched Sleeve Skater Dress from Simply Be

When I first saw this Ruched Sleeve Skater Dress on the Simply Be website, I was besotted with the 80s style puffball sleeves. Goth Molly Ringwald is as style choice I can fully get behind, so couldn't wait for the dress to arrive at my flat to see if it was everything I'd hoped. Spoiler alert - it was!


Shine A Light - Disaster Designs Penguin Lamp from Red Candy

It's no secret that I have a love of penguins, and I literally squeaked with delight when I came upon this adorable Disaster Designs Penguin Lamp from quirky gift and homewear website Red Candy. With a wardrobe filled with penguin prints shamelessly worn all year round, penguins aren't just for Christmas in this household and we couldn't wait for our new house guest to arrive.


Nothing But Blue Skies - Clara Polka Dot Collar Dress from Joanie Clothing

I love a cute polka dot print and in this beautiful spring blue, the Clara Polka Dot Dress from Joanie Clothing is the perfect antidote for this awful, cold weather. I like a little snow flurry when we're in the festive period, but this current cold snap just seems a little unfair when being teased with blue skies and sunshine.


Lace Me Up - Annie Retro Lace Floral Swing Dress from Dolly And Dotty

Sometimes you see a dress which just takes your breath away, and that was how I felt when I first laid eyes on the Annie Retro Lace Floral Swing Dress from vintage repro superstars Dolly & Dotty. Whilst it's not my usual style, there was something about the delicate pink and grey colour combo which stole my heart, and could not get into it quickly enough when the postman delivered it through the door.


Run Baby Run - Energise High Impact Wired Sports Bra from Elomi

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you might have seen me complaining endlessly about an alternating cold / gallbladder / cold combo which just wouldn't quit. So erm, sorry about that and thanks for sticking with me. But without a doubt, this year has started with a bit of a whimper rather than a bang, which was frustrating as I was pretty excited about getting back into some gentle 5k training. But you know what they say, March is the new January, right?


Magic Mystery Tour - London Fun with the Megabus #MegaMysteryBus

(c) Matt Chappell and Search Laboratory

I think most people have used or know of the cheap and cheerful travel saviour that is Megabus. Whether ferrying yourself back to uni or off in search of a cheap weekend adventure, the wifi loaded blue and yellow chariot is often the starting point of a good time. However recently I had a different type of Megabus adventure - one with mystery and adventure whilst taking in the views of London.


Jive Bunny - Elomi Sachi Plunge Wire Bra

Since we're getting into the valentines spirit, I want to shout out about my love for Elomi. Not only do they make the best sports bras in existence, but they also create the cutest lingerie sets which are as functional as they are beautiful. When the stunning Sachi set arrived in the post, I couldn't believe how amazing it was. Strappy, sheer and seductive, it's the perfect bra to pair with a sheer panelled top or dress for a hint of underwear as outerwear.


Walking On Sunshine - Nisha Short Sleeve Lace Dress from Joanie Clothing

You can't beat a blast of sunshine to blow the winter cobwebs away, and this stunning Nisha Short Sleeve Dress from Joanie Clothing is just the ticket. Fun, pretty and adaptable for all sorts of occasions, this dress is without a doubt going to be a wardrobe saviour as we slowly step into the warmer weather.


Love Letters - A Valentines, Galentines, I Love Me Times Gift Guide

Whether you're celebrating Valentines, Galentines or just straight up celebrating your fabulous self, February should be the month of treats. After all, you've made it through all 983 days of January, spring is on the horizon and the worst of flu season is hopefully behind us. So whether you're feeling romantic, soppy or like you want to show how much you appreciate your epic self, here's a Valentines gift guide suitable for all. (Side note: none of this is sponsored, but there are affiliate links used where possible. ❤)


Spring Affair - Ladder Detail High Neck dress from Simply Be

I do love a cute fluted sleeve, and when twinned with florals and lace I'll probably be swooning over it. That was how I felt when I spied this adorable Ladder Detail High Neck dress from Simply Be, and knew it'd be the perfect item as we slowly transition into spring.


Sunshine After The Rain - Keeping It Cute with Yours Clothing

The end of January and start of spring are both finally within reach, and it feels like the grey, gloom filled days are finally starting to give way to something more cheerful. Of course here in the UK that still means wet, rainbow filled skies interspersed with rain, but a mixture of sunny blue skies and torrential down pours is still preferable to the long dark nights and icy wind storms of late. As such, the humble rain mac is an essential item for anyone wanting to keep their hair free from precipitation induced frizz, and Yours Clothing have released the cutest one possible - one which I am so in love with, I've taken to building some of my outfits around it!


Flight Of The Bumblebee - Beating The Winter Blues With Brightness

With all the fun of the festive period well and truly in the rear view mirror, it's so hard to not find yourself in a gloomy funk as we claw our way through January. Between the perpetual grey gloom, the infrequent work (#freelancelife) and the constant bombardment of "New Year New You" dirge, January just feels like one long struggle. Now that we're entering week 17 of the first month of the year, I'm attacking it with the only way I know how - dressing up in obnoxiously bright colours, painting myself in so much highlighter I can be seen from the ISS and generally living my best life as a chubby bumble bee.


New Year Same Me - Keeping Cosy with Yours Clothing

Hi everyone, I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I don't know about you, but I am massively struggling to get back into the normal swing of my weekday routine and am still very much working my way through finishing a Christmas biscuit backlog! With the weather, the haziness and the lack of festive cheer on the horizon, I'm all about the comfort at the moment with my clothing, and am bouncing back and forth between these two cute but cosy outfits from Yours Clothing.

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