Glitter Bomb - Sparkle Ready with Yours Clothing

If you're still on the look out for the perfect Christmas Day or NYE outfit, then hold up because have I got an outfit combo for you! Glitter and sparkle have been such a huge thing as we stepped into the festive season, but two of my favourite standout items have come straight from plus size brand, Yours Clothing.


Penguin Party - Jersey Swing Dress from Simply Be

In my previous post, I was talking about how I have two sartorial settings when it comes to Christmas - festive subtlety and all Christmas everything! This is definitely a look where it's all about the silly and frivolous, as well as being an ode of love to my favourite Christmas critter, the penguin!


Shooting Stars - Festive Sparkle with Sugar & Vice, Simply Be, F&F and New Look

In the lead up to Christmas, I have two different styles. It's either a subtle "little bit Christmassy" or "FULL ON DECK THE HALLS OH MY GOD IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAS". There is absolutely no in-between. This outfit is leaning more towards the first (although don't worry, there's another post this week which is head to toe penguin print!), and is an easy way to take you from day job to festive fun with a few cute accessories.


Up To Snow Good - Snow Bunny Chic with Simply Be and Primark

I'm a big fan of recycling my summer dresses in the winter with lots of layers, and this sale bargain dress from Simply Be made me feel like such a snow bunny. The high neckline somewhat lends itself to the colder climates, but I love the brightness of the print and how it cuts through the grey on a dreary day.


Back To Black - Jersey Midi Dress from JD Williams

You can never have too many little black dresses hanging in your wardrobe, and this jersey midi dress from JD Williams is an absolute classic. I love anything soft and stretchy for when I'm shooting in the studio, and this dress has the added bonus that I feel as confident as I to comfy when wearing it.


Check That List Twice - Manon Baptiste Checked Midi Shirt Dress from Navabi

Now that the winter weather has started to rear it's chilly head, I've been searching high and low for the warmest outfits where I don't feel completely overloaded in millions of layers. Step forward style saviours Navabi, with this beautiful Checked Midi Shirt Dress from Manon Baptiste. If you're looking for something equal parts cool and cosy, this is definitely worth checking out.


Deck The Halls - Perfect Partywear With The Tess Tapework Dress from Studio Eight

The hunt to find the perfect party wear is officially in full swing, and whilst there's nothing wrong with dripping in sparkles and glitter, sometimes it's nice to invest in a beautiful dress which will see you through a multitude of occasions. Studio Eight, the plus size sister brand to Phase Eight have very much become one of my go to labels when looking for something which feels both sophisticated and versatile. I absolutely fell in love with the Tess Tapework Dress after seeing it at a previous press day, and straight away could imagine how much of a wardrobe chameleon the style would be.


Bringing Specsy Back - Festive Frames with Vision Express

For such a long time, I've needed to get a new pair of glasses. I don't wear them very often, and am a bit rubbish at remembering to put them on. My previous frames only had an anti-glare coating to help protect my eyes when spending hours editing photos, but I'd noticed them getting tired quicker, to the point where they were becoming dry and sore. Being a photographer, my eyes are so important to I was almost too scared to book an appointment for fear of what I'd be told - but when Vision Express invited me to pop along to their Festive Frames event, I was put at ease and felt like my eyes were in safe hands.


All I Want For Christmas - Gift Guide 2017

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and if you're anything like me, you're currently staring at a list of names you need to buy things for with a look of mild panic. I've been trying to get ahead of the Christmas shopping this year and spreading it over a few months, but November always seems to be the time when the best deals hit. So I've put together a few categories - ideas for beauty, fashion, and some quirky gifts below. Please note that where possible the links are affiliate links, but none of them are sponsored and are all genuine recommendations. Good luck with your shopping, and I hope that this gives you some festive inspiration!


Paint It Black - Lace Up Corset Dress from Simply Be featuring Sugar & Vice Lazy Oaf

You can never have too many LBDs hanging in your wardrobe, and even better when they have the perfect level of detail. This simple Lace Up Corset Dress from Simply Be has been a total wardrobe staple ever since it laded through my letterbox, with the adjustable, waist cinching belt giving the simple dress a bit more bite.


This Magic Moment - Harry Potter x Primark

Unless you've been hiding somewhere under the ocean, you've probably heard that Primark have been attracting the attention of lots of wizards in training thanks to their excellent Harry Potter themed collection. With everything from PJs to home furnishings on offer, it's the stuff of dreams for muggles and magicians alike. Their Oxford Street East store in particular has been decked out to perfection, and since it's often on my route home I've been keeping a keen eye in store to pick up a few things I'd fallen in love with throughout the previews.


Down The Rabbit Hole - Aria Alice In Wonderland from Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop are a brand filled with fun and whimsy, and time and time again I completely fall in love with their beautiful prints. This stunning Aria Alice In Wonderland number was one such occasion, with the original illustrations by John Tenniel brought to life across a pretty swing dress.


Witchy Woman - Velour Tiered Dress from Simply Be

When you look inside my wardrobe, it's pretty obvious that Halloween isn't just a holiday for me, it's a lifestyle! Of course there's lots of vintage and vintage repro items, but as I've got older, I seem to have reached back out to my teenage baby goth roots with lots of crushed velvet, black lace and peter pan collared dresses straight out of a Wednesday Adamms' style guide. And so it was the second I saw this Velour Tiered Dress being worn on the Simply Be #wearecurves catwalk, I knew I had to get my hands on it.


I'll Put A Spell On You - Halloween Ready Partywear with Simply Be

October is definitely my favourite month of the year. Not only is it when autumn has properly established itself amongst the streets of London, it's also birthday central with both myself and Lord Dicely celebrating another revolution each around the sun. With just ten days between them, we've made a tradition of celebration Howardween rather than our birthdays, meaning we get to pull out some spooky fun in advance of Halloween proper. And of course, when you're planning a party, you need a killer party dress!


Strangers On A Train - Introducing Excuse My Bonbon

I love discovering and falling in with new indie collections, and Finnish brand Excuse My Bonbon really is something quite special. The brand operates with a tongue in cheek ethos which is impossible to not smile at, creating a core collection of clothing to wear whilst enjoying life. From polka dots, to lace to the most stunning range of LBDs, there's no denying that to use their phrase, it's all bonbon from now on.


Sunshine After The Rains - Autumn Must Haves with Simply Be and Schuh

It's difficult to not be sartorially inspired by the people you see around you, but sometimes, just sometimes, you really just need to know where something is from. I recently spent an entire journey on the Piccadilly Line with in real life heart eyes staring at a rucksack, and when the owner got off at the same stop as me, I frightened the life out of her by catching her up and asking for the details.


Drunk In Love - Puik Art Rare Carafe from Red Candy

I'm a big fan of Red Candy, whether it's for quirky gifts for friends of some lovely new items for the flat. They always seem to have exactly what I'm looking for, in this case the item being some sort of interesting vessel to hold table water (and other more fun drinks!) in when we're entertaining guests. I guess I wanted something useful that would also look cool with cocktails in, and could also possibly double up as a vase on those rare occasions one is needed. Enter the Puik Art Rare Carafe, part sculpture, part vessel, all beautiful.


Hits & Misses - An OOTD Round Up

There was a point in the summer where I was super productive, shot a whole load of outfits, got things edited and then got super busy with work. This was followed swiftly by getting really ill thanks to my gallbladder trying to murder me, and so there was a month or so where it was all a bit quiet on the blog front. The downside was for the first time ever, I had too much content - and posts kept getting pushed back to make way for other, newer things. And with autumn now here in all it's red and cinnamon scented glory, I figured it was time to be realistic and get these looks up and online before the time to wear them has passed entirely. And hopefully, many of these outfits will now be in the sale as the end of season lines make way for warm knits and cute boots.


Nothing But Flowers - Floral Print Cold Shoulder Dress from Lovedrobe

Summer may be behind us, but that balmy, golden sunshine is a resilient treasure. It's also keeping much of my summer wardrobe alive and layered up with cardigans, tights and big, stomp ready boots as dressing for the correct weather is nigh on impossible. That said, I'm a firm believer that almost every summer boho dress can be switched up into an autumnal, grungy delight with the right accessories and this pretty Floral Print Cold Shoulder Dress from Lovedrobe is a good example.


Check Mate - AW17 from Collectif Vintage

My love for the vintage repro brand Collectif is pretty huge, so it was with baited breath that I awaited news of their AW launch. With autumn heralding the run up to my birthday, they are always my first port of call when searching for a new dress and this season's offering did not disappoint.


Panda-monium - Long Sleeved Panda Extravaganza Lyra Dress from Lady Voluptuous

For larger busted ladies, those in the know have been fans of the Lady Voluptuous Lyra dress ever since it burst onto the scenes after a collaboration with George of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. Made from a lovely stretch jersey with a cross over neck and back tie design, the Lyra was the answer to comfy, smart, vintage style clothing which wasn't uncomfortable or restrictive


Emerald City - Arched Eyebrow x Navabi Belted Shirt Dress and Competition

When queen of chic Arched Eyebrow debuted the first influencer collection at Navabi, there was a collective swoon from the depths of the bloggerverse. Between the bright, bold hues and stunning details, it was love at first sight. But for me there was one particular stand out item - the Arched Eyebrow x Navabi Belted Shirt Dress.


Wild Thing - Hell Bunny Leopard Print Mini Dress from Yours Clothing

A circle skirted mini dress teamed with a trashy leopard print is pretty much  my dream aesthetic when I'm off to a gig, rock club or am (on those rare occassions!) stood behind a set of DJ decks. So when I saw this beauty on the Yours Clothing website, it was a total no brainer - I just had to get my hands on it.


All Shook Up - Hair Dye Fun with Colour Freedom at Superdrug

My hair has been a mixture of pinks and purples for a while, as I'm a huge fan of multi coloured hues. But as we changed seasons, I felt my hair also needed a bit of a shake up but couldn't decide what direction to go in. I'm a big fan of the Superdrug brand Colour Freedom and they were kind enough to put together a mystery selection after I gave them a list of the sort of shades I've gone for previously. And so it was decided that my hair would be a mix or blues and greens, which as someone who wants to grow up to be Stormer from The Misfits, was a brilliant choice for me!


Autumn Leaves - A Seasonal Wishlist

Autumn is officially here, and with the seasonal update comes a wardrobe one. We all need those staple items which help protect against the rain, wind and ever changing temperatures, and here are a few of my favourites from the new season drops.


Blue Skies - Jade Swing Dress from Collectif

Summer might be behind us, but that doesn't mean blue skies can't lie ahead. And this sale bargain dress from Collectif makes me feel like I'm floating on a fluffy cloud! I'd been in love with the Jade Swing Dresses ever since they'd previewed at London Edge, as anything with pockets gets my vote. But it was the cut of the dress which really caught my eye too, with the adjustable double shoulder straps and seamed bodice both major plus points.


Mellow Yellow - Alice & You By Glamorous Double Layer Dress from Simply Be

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a huge fan of the wet and rainy weather autumn brings, but on a particularly grey day, it's nice to inject a little colour into the mix. Yellow is one of my go to shades whenever I need a little lift, and this Alice & You By Glamorous Double Layer Dress from Simply Be is one of my favourite recent purchases.


I Dream Of Joanie (Clothing)

Ever since Joanie Clothing launched onto the scene a few years ago, I have been a huge fan of their cute dresses and super sweet tees. Along with my previous posts here, I realised when I was organising the photos I'd shot for posts that I had a bit of a Joanie obsession going on so thought I'd do a round up with all the items together. Most of these have been purchased in their legendary sales, but you can tell from my fading hair colour that there were slight gaps in timing!


Gotta Catch Them All - Primark Pokemon Tee and Simply Be Denim Shorts

I was in two minds whether to post this outfit or not, but with the sunshine coming back in full force over the last few days I figured a bit of fun was the way to go. If you follow me on Instagram, chances are you already know I'm a bit of a nerd, so when I spotted this cute Pokemon t-shirt in the men's section of Primark, I kind of knew I had to have it.


The White Stripes - Curve Jenise Navy Striped Bardot Frill Dress from In The Style Curve

This is the summer where I officially stepped over to the darkside and admitted my love for bare shoulders. It took me a while to get on board with the cold shoulder trend, but I've always secretly had a style crush on the classic bardot neckline and fell head over heels for this cute design from In The Style Curve.


Scarlett Lady - Alice & You By Glamorous Ruffle Dress from Simply Be

I do love a bright red dress, and couldn't wait to get my hands on this Alice & You By Glamorous Ruffle Dress from Simply Be the second I saw it on the website. On those rare sunny days we've had here in London, it's been a constant style saviour with it's lightweight, flippy material the perfect choice to battle the harsh, heavy heat. (Guess who's looking forward to autumn!)


The Witching Hour with Yours Clothing

I know we're barely out of August, but my make-up and wardrobe have already stepped right out into autumn territory. I tend to dress one of three ways once the cooler weather hits - either draped in mustard hues, deep reds of full on witchy realness. This season Yours Clothing have been pretty good at enabling my dreams of becoming the Supreme, with these two items already being a firm staple in my day to day wardrobe.


Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This - Sleek Distorted Dreams Holographic Highlighting Palette

Make-up is one of my big loves, and recently I couldn't resist picking up the Sleek Distorted Dreams palette which is the stuff of holographic dreams. People, myself included often band around the word "amazing" all too freely, but I literally waved my arm around catching the light for a good five minutes, just staring with heart eyes at the eye catching swatches. If you're looking for a subtle glow, look away - this palette is here to fulfil all of your mermaid, unicorn, ethereal otherworldly dreams.


Rebel Rebel with Limited Collection from Yours Clothing

It's no secret that my love for David Bowie knows no bounds, so I had proper heart eyes when I came across this Rebel Rebel top from the Limited Collection at Yours Clothing. Between the neon slogan and frill mesh sleeves, this is the top every starman and cat from Japan needs in their life!


Chain Of Flowers - Summer Fun with Yours Clothing

Hi everyone, sorry that it's been a while since my last post but I'm back and prepped with lots of new content heading your way. First up is this pretty dress from Yours Clothing which has become a total wardrobe staple when the sun's been out.


Rock Around The Clock - Sherry Rockabilly Diner Dress in Black from Dolly And Dotty

I'm a huge fan of vintage repro styles, and Dolly and Dotty have fast become one of my favourite retailers since discovering them a few years ago. I love their swing dresses in particular, with a huge variety of styles and colours available at prices which won't melt your credit card. In the past I've picked up a couple of their dresses, mostly in the Darlene style but could not resist how utterly adorable this Sherry Rockabilly Diner Dress is, and had to give it a try.


Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - An Essential Checklist For Stepping Into Autumn

So, full disclosure - I love autumn. It's my favourite season, filled with stunning colours, beautiful scents and wonderful, cosy clothing. I was probably in the minority when I reacted with heart eyes at the prospect of a rain heavy August, but if nothing else it's made me bump this post up by about a month. Whilst autumn isn't quite here in it's official capacity, certainly the weather is about to turn so I thought I'd put together a guide to some essentials to help see it through.


American Dream - Simply Be USA

One of the many wonderful things about the world wide web is how it connects you with people outside of your tiny location bubble. Whenever I look at the stats for my blog, it's never ceases to amaze me that people from all over the world stop by to see what I have to say in my tiny corner of the internet. I've noticed that next to the UK, my next biggest audience is the USA so I thought I'd do something a little different and pick out some of my favourite choices from the American version of one of my preferred places to shop - Simply Be.


Summer Dreams - Fashion Fun with WearAll

I love discovering new brands to fall in love with, especially when they come with purse friendly price tags. And WearAll is just that - a trend led brand which offers fashionable and affordable styles up to a UK size 26. I decided to put them through the test with an order of four different dresses, and was pleasantly surprised by how much I loved how they looked on. It was a great chance to try and style myself a little differently than the usual, and you can see all four looks below.


Make Me Up - Vegan and Cruelty Free Cosmetics from B. Makeup at Superdrug

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably know that I'm a total nerd when it comes to make-up. I frequently get excited about new product drops and ideas, and love testing things out. I'm also constantly striving to have a cruelty free collection in my make-up bag, so was absolutely thrilled when asked if I was interested in trying out a few items from the newly revamped and totally vegan B. Makeup range.


Pink Ladies - LIMITED COLLECTION Dusty Pink Silky Embroidered Bomber Jacket from Yours Clothing

Right now the thought of wearing a jacket makes me want to weep, what with London being a muggy cesspit of doom. However I still couldn't resist picking up this stunning embroidered bomber from the Limited Collection at Yours Clothing, after all,everyone wants to be a member the Pink Ladies, right?


The White Stripes - Oversize Cold Shoulder Dress from Monki

I knew I had to get my hands on this Oversize Cold Shoulder Dress from Monki after seeing it on the beautiful Love Leah. I had real life cartoon heart eyes after looking at her photo, and although the dress doesn't look quite as good on me as it does her, it's become my go to hot weather dress when shooting or lazing about.


Hear The Trumpets Call - Limited Collection Black Tunic Dress with Trumpet Sleeves from Yours Clothing

Hi everyone, miracles happen and I'm finally back with an actual real life blog post! Normally work doesn't get too much in the way of finding time to shoot and prep content, but it's been a solid six weeks of freelance photography work, which I can't wait to share with you once the embargos are lifted! Today's post is talking about this amazing trumpet sleeved dress from the Limited Collection range at Yours Clothing. and honestly, it was love at first sight the second I wriggled myself into it!


Happy Feet - A Summer Sandals Wish List

I don't know about you guys, but the torrential rain of the last few days has had me dreaming of sandy beaches and summer vibes. I've found myself browsing all of my favourite places to get some inspiration for when the sun decides to come back, and get some idea to up my summer footwear game as right now it's jelly shoes or bust! Here are a few of my favourites which I've come across.


Home Sweet Home - House Wall Cabinet from Red Candy

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know two things about me. Firstly, I recently moved and it was the most disaster filled move in history, and secondly, I love plants. With the move behind us, and the decorating stage commencing, I came across this stunning House Wall Cabinet from Red Candy and it was love at first sight! I'm a huge fan of that 70s feel Scandi style, and all I could see was this being the perfect home for some of my smaller succulents.


Let's Get Physical - Plus Size Gym Wear from OBD Clothing

When looking for new plus size gym wear, it's hard to not feel like you're a bit of an afterthought. Lines frequently stop at a 22, if not an 18, almost as if fat girls don't do fitness. But we do! And I've been on the look out for some new threads now that I've started 5k training again, so was very happy when OBD Clothing got in touch, having just launched a new plus size line.


You Are The Wind Beneath My Wingz - Black Chiffon Flare Sleeves from Wingz

For those of you who've not come across the genius that is Wingz before, let me catch you up. They are a selection of clever sleeves designed to fit under any sleeveless top or dress, which give the existing garments hanging in your wardrobe a brand new twist.


Forever In Blue Jeans - Dressing Up My Boyfriend with Jacamo

It's no secret that this man is pretty much my favourite person in the entire world, so when Jacamo got in touch and kindly offered to dress him up, I absolutely jumped at the chance! Howard's usual style is skinny jeans and band t-shirts, spending much of his time looking like an off duty rock star. With his aged biker jacket and aviators finishing off the look, there's no denying that I am unashamedly his biggest fan so it was going to be interesting to dress him up as an alternative version of my boyfriend.


Time After Time - Introducing Wooden Watches from Tense

Photo (c) Tense Watches
I'm a huge fan of quirky accessories, so was really intrigued when I came across these Canadian made wooden watches by Tense. Made from 100% reclaimed or recycled wood, the intricate time pieces are manufactured by hand in their Vancouver workshop, with each one being a wrist sized piece of art.


Beinvenidos a Miami - Palm Beach Epithesen Golden Rays Swimsuit from UK Swimwear

Whether you're splashing off on holiday or exploring your local leisure centre, a good swimsuit which makes you feel fabulous is a must. And that's exactly how I felt in this Palm Beach Epithesen Golden Rays Swimsuit from UK Swimwear. It's a classic style with a slight retro twist, perfect for those looking for something both pretty and understated.

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