You Are The Wind Beneath My Wingz - Black Chiffon Flare Sleeves from Wingz

For those of you who've not come across the genius that is Wingz before, let me catch you up. They are a selection of clever sleeves designed to fit under any sleeveless top or dress, which give the existing garments hanging in your wardrobe a brand new twist.


Forever In Blue Jeans - Dressing Up My Boyfriend with Jacamo

It's no secret that this man is pretty much my favourite person in the entire world, so when Jacamo got in touch and kindly offered to dress him up, I absolutely jumped at the chance! Howard's usual style is skinny jeans and band t-shirts, spending much of his time looking like an off duty rock star. With his aged biker jacket and aviators finishing off the look, there's no denying that I am unashamedly his biggest fan so it was going to be interesting to dress him up as an alternative version of my boyfriend.


Time After Time - Introducing Wooden Watches from Tense

Photo (c) Tense Watches
I'm a huge fan of quirky accessories, so was really intrigued when I came across these Canadian made wooden watches by Tense. Made from 100% reclaimed or recycled wood, the intricate time pieces are manufactured by hand in their Vancouver workshop, with each one being a wrist sized piece of art.


Beinvenidos a Miami - Palm Beach Epithesen Golden Rays Swimsuit from UK Swimwear

Whether you're splashing off on holiday or exploring your local leisure centre, a good swimsuit which makes you feel fabulous is a must. And that's exactly how I felt in this Palm Beach Epithesen Golden Rays Swimsuit from UK Swimwear. It's a classic style with a slight retro twist, perfect for those looking for something both pretty and understated.


Papa's Got A Brand New Bag - Classic 44L Cabin Sized Bag from Cabin Zero

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for the lack of posts, but if you follow my Instagram, you'll know that I've just moved home and the whole thing was... ahh... difficult to say the least! But on the blog today I wanted to talk about one thing which helped - and something I've been using for travelling with and carrying my studio lights in for years - the Classic 44L Cabin Sized Bag from Cabin Zero.

I was given the purple version of the bag a few years ago, and since then it's been my go to backpack when I've needed something strong and comfortable, even when packed to bursting. I jumped at the chance when the brand offered to send me one to review, because having been a fan for a good three years, I can honestly say that this is the best investment for anyone who hauls around expensive equipment or frequently travels. You'll also find details of a cheeky discount code at the end of the post!

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