Storm In A Tea Pot - G&Tea Cocktail Set from Red Candy

Tea and gin are two of my favourite things, so when I saw that the clever people at Red Candy had managed to combine them both in the most adorable G&Tea Cocktail Set, I was super excited to put it to the test.


Polaroid, Kitty Cushions and Kitchen Kitsch - Say Hello To Cool Stuff

Hello lovely readers! For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you might have seen that I've been really busy with freelance work for the last few months which is why my blog posts have been a little bit sparse and sporadic. I'm hoping to be back to the usual three posts a week come September, and have lots of content prepped to go if only I can find the time to edit the images and write the words to accompany them! But I wanted to write today about a Sweedish company who I recently worked called Cool Stuff, who surprise, surprise, sell lots of fun, kitsch, silly and useful gift items. They were kind enough to send me a few items which made my cat loving photo nerd heart very happy, and between the fun kitty cushion and 70s style Polaroid bag, I'm pretty much in love!

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