Plus Size Occasion Wear - American Edition

* Please note that this post contains affiliate links. 

As I recently put out a guide for some lovely UK based plus size occasion wear, I couldn't resist putting one together for those on the other side of the Atlantic. With Spring so close you can literally smell the flowers in the air, wedding season us about to be, well, sprung. So if you have an important date coming up soon where you need a pretty dress, have a look below to find some inspiration.

It's A Nice Day For A White Wedding - Plus Size Occasion Wear

* Please note that this post contains affiliate links.

The sun is out, daffodils are blooming and that can only mean one thing - Spring is almost here, and with it comes the start of wedding season! When looking for the perfect dress for a special occasion, there are a few places I visit first depending on my budget. And with that in mind, I thought I'd put together a list of some of my favourite items for anyone who likes to start their shopping early.

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