Penguin Party - Super Cute Jewellery from Whimsy Milieu.

When recently shopping for a birthday gift for one of my friends, I came across this incredibly cute ring by Whimsy Milieu on the counter of Magma. As someone who has a whole lot of love for these pecky fellows, I couldn't resist picking him up as a frivolous treat for myself!


Wild Roses - Adventures from the bottom of the wardrobe with ASOS Curve, Tatty Devine and Frankii Wilde.

Recently I had a bit of a clear out in my wardrobe and came across a bag of clothes which had been put away and resigned to never be worn again. Clearly I was being stupid at the time as I've managed to pull out three amazing dresses and whole lots of other bits which I cannot believe had been languishing in the darkness whilst I lamented that I had nothing to wear!


Viva Las Vegas - A night with BGO raising money for WWF via the #bgomeetup.

On Thursday night, Lord Dicely and I were invited to #bgomeetup - a blogging event where we were treated to a crash course in blackjack and roulette from professional croupiers whilst raising money for WWF.

It was a lot of fun with a lot of Cava and lots of new, friendly faces doubling down, holding but most of all giggling.

Thrifty Fashion On A Budget - Tips & Tricks for Giffgaff.

Recently I was asked a question by Giffgaff about shopping on a budget, and this is one of those subjects I could talk about for hours! The question came about as Giffgaff have recently launched a new campaign to help people avoid getting trapped in phone contracts, and as such, have been speaking to bloggers about how they can save money in other parts of their lives.

Tea-Rex, Hot Love - Adventures In Finding Great Tasting Decaf Tea.

I love tea. Good, strong black tea, tea which comes served with milk, served with lemon or even served with a huge slice of cake. If I was relocated to a desert island, my suitcase would be filled with nothing but English Breakfast and Earl Grey, so when my doctor told me that I had to cut out caffeine from my diet, I was distraught. And since my usual thing to fix a problem with is to stick the kettle on, it was a double slap in the face!


French Navy, My Sailor Mate - Tales from the bottom of the wardrobe with Heidi Seeker and Handmade by Trisha Bendall.

Recently I blogged about how I'd come across a few gems whilst cleaning out my wardrobe, and this super cute sailor cardigan was one of the items I'd found.

I was so excited to re-discover it as I was sure it'd be lost when I moved. My Hell Bunny find was a great replacement, but they are such different designs that there is definitely room in my closet for both.


Smooth Operator - King of Skin by Lush Cosmetics.

When someone tells me "Oh my god, you have to try this product, it will change your life!" I tend to nod politely and forget all about it. However a few months ago, someone at Lush said that very thing to me and I walked off with King of Skin in my bag and a slightly dubious look upon my face. Turns out the Lush employee was correct - this product was a complete game changer for me!


We Only Come Out At Night - Honey Moon Photos from London on Friday 13th June 2014.

(c) Diana Thompson / Fashion Loves Photos.

(c) Diana Thompson / Fashion Loves Photos.

(c) Diana Thompson / Fashion Loves Photos.
Friday 13th June 2014 showed us a stunning honey moon in the night skies across the world. Sadly in London, it was also an incredibly cloudy evening but the strong reflecting light bouncing off the clouds certainly made for some stunning shadows and highlights across the night sky.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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Summer Fun To The Max(i) - looking past the label to find the perfect maxi dress from H&M.

For the last year, I've been on the hunt for the perfect maxi dress to swish around in come the summer. Although at 5'6" my height is pretty average, I wanted something which I could wear with flats and it seemed to be an ever elusive design concept. I'd pretty much given up hope until I found myself in H&M looking for a birthday gift, and instead saw the holy grail of maxi dresses hanging in front of me. As it was from their main range, I was dubious that a main range L size would contain my K-cup cleavage so it was with trepidation that I tried it on in the changing room.


Better In A Black Dress - finding hidden treasures after a wardrobe clearout!

My wardrobe at times feels like the entrance to Narnia. It's not pretty or filled with snow, but can sometimes feel quite cavernous for something so cheap and small! I recently decided to do a full on wardrobe raid, and pulled everything out which included the bags and bags of items neatly folded and stacked at the bottom. It was an utter revelation going through them - I discovered long forgotten gems which I'd packed away for being too tight, and despite having not lost any weight, fell utterly in love with them again. Even though my body's stayed the same, my mind has clearly changed as I'm less bothered about dresses being clingy. If anything, I'm starting to embrac it! Without spending a single penny, I managed to add three dresses and two cardigans to my regular wardrobe, and this is the first of them!


Cherry Lips, Go Baby Go: A Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in Infrared which is the perfect dupe of Mac's Ruby Woo.

I find that buying a lipstick tends to be an instant mood lifter, and with the new Seventeen Stay Pout range coming in at below £5, I just had to give it a try.


Best Foot Forward.

This is currently what I look like. No make-up, Velcro rollers and make-shift pyjamas. My alarm woke me up this morning at 7am and it took another 135 minutes before I actually managed to crawl out of bed. So you don't have to do the maths, that's 2 hours and 15 minutes meaning my 7am start actually began at 9.15.


What Makes You Happy?

Photo: Coeur de Xocolat for The Brigade. Image (c) Diana Thompson / Fashion Loves Photos.
This post is meant to be about introducing a new creative project and a call out for people to be photographed, but I felt that it needed a little bit of back story first. If you want to click straight through to the project information, click here.


Dancing In The Dark. Whiskey Kittens with Collectif, Bete Noire and Hell Bunny.

The end of the month comes with a sigh of relief for many people. For most, it means that pay day is imminent. For me, it means I get to jump behind the decks at Whiskey Kittens for our monthly rock and roll club night.


We Met By A Trick Of Fate, French Navy My Sailor Mate.

Every Easter, Lord Dicely becomes Howard The Easter Bunny and organises a super cute Easter hunt in our living room. Because both of us were doing various types of physical training, we had agreed to not get each other much in the way of chocolate and I was so excited to find this beautiful sailor dress waiting for me at the end of the trail.

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