Honey In The Sun

Gosh, what a busy few weeks in photographyworld!

Despite the brrr-breeze whilsting around outside, the falling blossom and shards of sunlight suggest that Spring have well and truly sprung.

What better way to celebrate this, than a much needed girly roadtrip to Brighton with one of my best friends, Natalie. Unfortunately the excitement of sea air, cupcakes and carousel rides made me forget to grab my camera, so these are happy memories snapped on my phone rather than shots worthy of Brighton's beautiful scenery.

This last photo was of an amazing band who we stumbled across by The Lanes - The Iron Boot Scrapers. We must have watched them for at least 20 minutes, covering amazing classics by the likes of, erm, Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Katy Perry and Muse.

The birds were also so beautiful to watch, as they circled the pier with their migrating dance. They looked as if they were pretending to be paper-plane birds from a Miyazaki movie, and were so incredibly calming.

However, as well as girly days at the seaside, Spring also brings with it the glamour and glitz of Spring cleaning. Wait; glamour and glitz? Is that right? Well, it IS if you're Bettie Wishes, and you do it with style!

Vintage seems to be key right now, How about an afternoon shooting 35mm with a dapper chap in a pool hall? Yes? Win!

And wait, vintage fair did you say? Of course. Hi again Tom!

Or how about some red lipped vixens wearing the much anticipated Rockalilly lipstick?

Rockalily hair and make-up by Kelly Humpreys, styling by ReeRee Rockette. Modelled by Miss Banbury Cross, Luki Fortune, Verity Higgs, ReeRee Rockette and Emerald Fontaine.

For some ultra-vintage fun, how about checking out Photoautomat in Cargo?

Of course, me and Natalie couldn't resist having a poutfest after the shoot was over!

Spring also always makes me gravitate towards the Southbank. Sunshine and ice cream and pretty much both key, although tea and rain will also make me smile. Yes, I 'm a Londoner. Yes, I like the rain. We do exist!

Firstly, my niece Aimee taught me a lesson in how to take photos. Pressing the button was key.

This evening with my lovely friend Carl ended with free hot chocolate and playing on swings next to the London eye at 1am. I love that he's a teacher, yet we always have the least sensible evenings imaginable, which normally involve getting lost and chasing white rabbits with pocket watches.

Speaking of which:

I had the most incredible Mad Hatter's Tea Party at The Sanderson with some of my best friends, and then stumbled upon this amazing stencil work in Brick Lane the next day.

And finally, this last week has been crazy. Lots of headshots and bridal make-up.

Make-up by Nina Aubhi's make-up academy.

Plus I'm still trying to finish off the images from my editorial shoot from a month ago. As a taster, here is one of the dancer's non-editorial images:

Model, Nyuzzi. Make-Up by Sarah Frasca. Hair by Gergana Madzharova.

I am so excited for these images - the avant garde ones are exactly what I hoped they would be, and can't wait to get them into something. They took an incredible team and three wind machines to produce, but were so worth it. I'll hopefully be able to publish them within the next few weeks...

There's actually so much going on right now. I have another editorial with quite an interesting concept to shoot this Friday, and am putting together the final bits and pieces for my editorial shoot for Diva Magazine.

I was also interviewed for French magazine Plus Size Tall, and have found myself writing once again, this time for the wonderful New Empress Magazine, which I can not recommend highly enough. My workshops have also started at The Second Floor Studio, and with such a lovely and varied group, are proving to be a lot of fun already. However, you can see from all of that why it's been a while since I've updated! There are lots of exciting things happening right now, and it's all busy, busy, busy. Hopefully the next update will have even better news, and even more photos!

Until then, enjoy the sunshine! x x

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