Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell

Bow, Poplar, Greater London E3, UK
There is a huge difference between the headshot and the portrait. A headshot is something which gives people a blank canvas to project onto, whilst a portrait captures the very essence of the subject at hand. Both are interesting studies in human nature; the nerves, the twitches, the wry smiles - and both offer an interesting insight into the person standing infront of your camera lens, with contact sheets often giving away more than a diary or cv ever could.

As I've said many a time before, the best part of my job is stumbling across these people. Although I've kept back a few sets of images for their own posts (Jasmine Alexander for Le Monde, Phil Bowman for New Empress, Chrys Columbine and Beatrix Von Bourbon for Rockalily), these are some of my favourite portraits shot over the last few months...

Model: Dancer and model, Ryan Featherstone.
Location: North London.

Model: Friend, photographer and music journalist, Tom Perry.
Location: Bow, East London and Alley Cat.

Models: Staff from New Empress Magazine.
Location: North London.

Models: Binky Buxotica of Pearls and Swine, and artist and DJ Trafford Parsons.
Location: Leeds.

Model: Vintage minx, Natalie Booth.
Location: North London.
MUA and Hair: Heyday Honey.

That's all for now, but there are many more shoots to post and preview when I get a chance!

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