Everyone Says Hi - An exhibition of Brixton portraits. (Outtake #1)

Bettie Wishes inside the Ritzy Cinema.

If I said that everything was going smoothly, I'd of course be lying. I somewhat regrettably remarked in a recent interview that if something comes easy, then you're not doing it correctly. However frames are in my living room, prints will be picked up on Tuesday and by Wednesday evening, 21 images will be somehow hung up in Kaff for the Everybody Says Hi exhibition.

Tomorrow I'm off to Brixton to speak on the Janelle Oswald Show, talking about the exhibition itself and "life changing experiences". When I agreed to it, I had thought it was just a ten minute chat about the photos - not to be part of a conversation to do with something different.She is a multi award-winning journalist and columnist and current winner for BEFFTA Media Icon of the year. And me? My habit for talking about all of the wrong things knows no bounds - tune in for Bowie eulogies, cats and my love affair with tea.

I'm utterly terrified.

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