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Sometimes you do a shoot where no matter how exhausted you are, you just can't wait to download the images and start working on them.

Yesterday was one such shoot!

The day was always going to be a busy one. The morning was spent dropping off props from a shoot last week and then picking up vintage clothing from Red Bows Boutique for an editorial I'm shooting on Monday. Super excited about this one, as I'm picking up some necklaces from Tatty Devine, and have a few bits of wonderment sent down by Pearls & Swine.

But I digress. Never get me started talking about clothes and pieces for editorials...

The shoot in the evening was with a band who Tom and I had previously booked to play our club night, Whiskey Kittens. To say we were blown away doesn't even come close to it - they were incredible. Called The New Cut Gang, they are a bunch of lovely rock and rollers with the right amount of garage swagger and musical prowess to back it up.

I had expected to turn up at a run-of-the-mill practice room. Turns out it was a giant industrial space which manufactured iron girders. Dusty, mechanical and with glass panels in the rood letting in the most incredible streams of sunlight.

Here's a taster - as soon as I can, there will be lots more.

But in the mean time, listen to The New Cut Gang here.

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  1. Great pic Diana...very jealous of the Tatty Devine and Pearls & Swine!


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