Burnt Toast and Black Coffee.

It's been a busy few weeks, and as ever time has completely run away from me. Between shooting, editing and DJing, it's been hard to find a few moments of peace, but it's certainly been as fun as it has busy!

It all began with me taking a turn behind the other side of the camera. I'm not a complete stranger to modelling, and absolutely jumped at the chance to be shot by Tom Perry  who works almost exclusively with film.

Tea and red lipstick - the essentials for any photoshoot!

Pearls & Swine Headdress.

Whiskey Kittens and Photo Geek Necklaces by Punky Pins and Bette Noir Jewellery.

The view from the other side of the lens!

Tales from the dressing room.

So in love with this headdress and ASOS Bodysuit.
There have been lots of other photographic adventures where I've been the boss with my camera firmly in hand.

The first included roadtrips for country weddings and 50th anniversary celebrations.

Sunday Morning Meeting.


Back in London, we had promo shots with both Bettie Wishes and Lord Dicely.

A secret location was found for the "Inside Room 8" series with Luna DeLovely.

And continuing the theme of glamour, there's the usual product shooting. At least this came with wine.

I managed to escape to the V&A for a second viewing of it's incredible Bowie exhibition with Howard.

I briefly saw my darling Bink of Pearls and Swine.
I managed to celebrate the birthday of the lovely Lana (Al) Pillay.
And even had the time to squeeze in one more event shoot by London Bridge, meeting the adorable Albert The Pug..

Of course there was also the usual rock and roll revelery at Whiskey Kittens.

This was followed by a hungover day in Brighton with #TeamHylda.


And a few other bits and pieces here and there...

I'm currently drowning under a pile of editing, but am making sure my blogging is more frequent. I've got lots of exciting shoots, events and outfits lined up, and can't wait to share them with you!

Until next time,
Diana xx

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