Summer Days, Slipping Away

It seems a little silly posting about swimwear in Autumn, but having just got back from a week in the deepest Welsh countryside where there was the promise of a heated pool, I needed to find myself something out of season. I was actually really worried about finding anything at all now that the traditional holiday season is over, so was pleasently surprised that Simply Be still carried a fairly diverse range.

I had set out to find something which offered a little more coverage, and would also ensure that everything on top would stay in place. I also wanted something fairly simple in design, so this Beach To Beach Longline Sporty Swimsuit (£30) was perfect all round.

Available up to a size 32, I would say that this is the first swimsuit I've ever tried which fits true to size. The wide straps and lightly padded top half supported my bust, and even though it's a pretty simple style, me and my vbo felt pretty good in it. I felt a little like a goth 1920s strongman in it, but that is no bad thing!

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  1. That is really sweet, and I am totally feeling the goth strong man vibes! This time of year you totally want more coverage and this is a cute way to do it

    1. I was so impressed to find it - I thought there would be much more of a struggle to find something this time of year so was super happy! :)

  2. I love this swimsuit and the hat! Like you say perfect for autumn and getting in and out of the heated pool!! Xxx


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