Flight Of The Bumblebee - Beating The Winter Blues With Brightness

With all the fun of the festive period well and truly in the rear view mirror, it's so hard to not find yourself in a gloomy funk as we claw our way through January. Between the perpetual grey gloom, the infrequent work (#freelancelife) and the constant bombardment of "New Year New You" dirge, January just feels like one long struggle. Now that we're entering week 17 of the first month of the year, I'm attacking it with the only way I know how - dressing up in obnoxiously bright colours, painting myself in so much highlighter I can be seen from the ISS and generally living my best life as a chubby bumble bee.

I wear a lot of yellow, especially of the more mustard variety, but it never seems to be until the spring arrives that it gets pulled out from the back of my wardrobe. However I picked this dress up in the Joanie Black Friday sale which has got me rocking the brighter hues a bit earlier this year. I was wearing it quite a lot when away for Christmas, and it's a definite feel good dress. I had to sew along the bust line to stop the buttons popping due to my larger bust, but the fit elsewhere feels really comfy and I adore the floral embellishment and cute velvet ribbon tie. It's one of those dresses which straddles the line between smart and casual with ease, so will be seeing a lot of wear, especially as we step into warmer weather. And it comes in SO many colours! With seven shades, you could literally have one for every day of the week! (Tempting, I know!)

What are your go to tips for beating the January blues? Feel free to give me some ideas in the comments below. :)

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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  1. Love this dress. Definitely a fan of yellows to brighten things up.


  2. I bloody love Joanie, wish they still went up to 26 though as it was so great to see a launch with so many sizes, also wish they would do some work on their bigger sizes as the arms are huge!!!!
    However, could spend most of my wages on their clothes and can think of at least 6 things I want. I am loving this yellow on you and love yellow on you in general and as usual your photos give me serious envy.

  3. That dress is very beautiful! You look awesome in it. Bright, cheerful, and happy.


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