Spring Cleaning

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It feels like we are witnessing some sort of weather miracle today, with the snowy, grey clouds parting to leave us with what might just be the beginning of spring. Seeing those blue skies with a cool breeze always makes me want to throw open all of the windows in the flat, and get to all those little cleaning jobs I keep managing to put off. Spring always feels like the start of something new, so I like to get things in order and start afresh - almost like a mini new year all over again.

That said, I'm not a someone who has a lot of time on my hands. Freelance life means freelance guilt at doing anything other than the work with deadlines hanging over me, but I have a few little things which I find help a lot when trying to turn a new page.

1. Fresh Flowers

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've become something of a plant nerd. It genuinely makes my heart soar to see them grow and thrive in our tiny home, and they add a lot of benefits including improving the quality of our indoor air. I get that plants aren't for everyone and can be a little time consuming but a vase of fresh flowers is an equally great way to give your mood and your home a lift. I can't even vaguely afford the luxury of huge bouquets, but a £1 bunch of daffodils picked up with the weekly food shop makes such a huge difference.

2. Get Rid Of Clutter

If your wardrobe is resembling a volcano getting ready to erupt, it's time to have a clear out. I always use spring as a chance to swap out my heavy winter wear for lighter summer dresses, and in doing so reassess what's going back in and what is heading to a charity shop or eBay. Getting your space back and feeling organised is always such a relief! I tend to do the same to my make up collection and get rid of any old make-up, or items languishing at the bottom of the box which could well be passed onto someone who they'd suit better. It's a nice feeling to be more organised, plus you might just put a smile on a friend's face with a collection of swatched or barely used items.

3. Stop Putting Things Off

Tax returns, clothing repairs, little jobs around the home - we're all guilty of doing this! Quite often stores and supermarkets will have sales geared towards spring cleaning and homewares at this time of year, so whether you're finally getting around to picking up new cushion covers or a new microwave, the time is now.

4. Dress For The Mood You Want

My go to colour palette in the warmer weather mostly centres around chubby bumble bee chic. Whilst I'll still opt for black from time to time, I find that I naturally gravitate towards bold bright yellows and other colours from the rainbow. Whilst clothing choices aren't necessarily the most obvious spring cleaning topic, I find that clearing your mind is just as important and valid as doing the same to your home, and I would completely argue that what we choose to wear impacts our mental state, at least in a small way.

5. If It's A Huge Job, Make A List And Do It Step By Step

Sometimes we let things get away from ourselves. Whether that's due to work, health problems or even just by being out having fun regularly, sometimes the idea of cleaning is a daunting task. I'm a huge fan of ticking things off lists, as a five minute hoovering job or taking out the recycling can feel like a huge accomplishment when you're drawing a line through it. Whether you break things down by job or by room, it's amazing how much more bite sized and manageable it all suddenly seems.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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