Floating On Sunshine - How To Stay Cool In Hot Hot Heat

Hi everyone! I purchased this dress from H&M back on January, and honestly, it is made of pure sunshine. I've sat on it bar the odd snap on Instagram as it needed to be worn in the most glorious of sunny weather, and I am so excited that those conditions have finally arrived here in London!

I've said before that my go to summer aesthetic tends to veer towards chubby bumblebee, with lots of bright yellow with accents of black being worn throughout. This outfit though is more chubby bumble bee on holiday, with the black switched out for tan coloured accessories and the most amazing monstera necklace from Sugar & Vice.

Whilst I love the fun which comes with summer fashion, the warmer weather can sometimes pose issues. For instance, we've all felt that burning sensation where our thighs attempt to murder us through the use of friction. But one thing that comes with getting older is learning how to deal with this warm weather issues, so here are a few things I've learned along the way.

Chub rub is a real problem - and it's nothing to be ashamed of! But there are also lots of ways to deal with it. Anti-chafing shorts such as these ones from The Big Tights Company are a simple way of nipping the problem in the bud AND help if you're wearing shorter skirts on a blustery day.

Often you'll see expensive products in your local pharmacy targeting the specific chub rub problem, but there are much cheaper ways to get around the problem if comfort shorts aren't your thing. If I'm popping out but know I'm not going to be walking for miles, I tend to use either talcum powder or a roll of good old deodorant between my thighs. It creates a barrier between the skin which will help you avoid that feeling of burning, blistered doom and you can always buy travel sizes to keep with you when you leave the house.

Another huge issue in the summer is that feeling of good ol' confidence. I used to live in cardigans and leggings throughout the summer months, not because of my size but because of my skin. It's dry, red and sometimes even cracked on my legs, but over the last few years I've realised two things - the vitamin D helps, and perhaps more importantly, no one else really cares. See also going out with my legs not freshly shaved, my arms so reflect back the light and not bothering to put on a full face of make-up because it's 99909403 degrees on the London Underground.

Of course being wary of baring a plus size body in the warm weather is something we are conditioned to feel, but no one should have to feel trapped in layers of clothes just to make someone else feel better. This isn't an easy hurdle to get over, but I've found that following lots of plus size bloggers on Instagram is a great way to get style inspo and also to learn to love the bits which wobble. Some great hashtags to look up include #psbloggers #psootd and #lovemychubclub, and if you want to give me a follow, you can find my account here.

Summer is about having lots of fun. My last tip to make sure this happens is to stay safe in the sun. Whilst it's lovely to feel the sun on your skin, make sure you're safely using sun cream AND applying it at least 20 minutes before you leave the house. Stay hydrated with lots of water, even more so if also drinking alcohol and remember that eating an ice-cream with a flake in it solves many of the day's problems.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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  1. The colour & the sleeves are incredible. So perfect now the sun has finally got his hat on!


    1. Thank you! I'm so excited I can finally wear it! :)

  2. Chubby BUMBLEBEE! I love it! You are the cutest and those sleeves are absolutely to die for! My little lemon drop!


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