Strange Meowgic - Meowgical Skater Dress from Killstar

The last few days have had a distinct autumn chill in the air, and I don't need much of a nudge to start thinking about spooky season and my wardrobe choices in the lead up to it. To be honest, I seem to have spent most of my 30s dressing like the baby goth teenage me wanted to be, and Killstar have fast become one of my favourite go to brands to help enable me be live my best cute witch life.

Howard bought this dress for me a few months ago, and it's just been a bit too warm to wear it - whilst the fabric isn't super heavy, the higher neck definitely makes it a style worn best with tights and chunky boots, and I am so excited that it's almost time.

At 5'6", the dress hits me about two inches above the knee which for something which such a high neck, is great for me. The dress link above goes up to a 2XL, but is from their main line collection so will be like an oversized UK 16. However this dress is available in their dedicated plus line (but is currently out of stock), but it worth checking the website to see when it comes back.

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