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Whether you love or hate weddings, it all starts with a proposal. Whether someone gets down on one knee or hires a plane to sky write it, anything goes when it comes to proposals and weddings these days. 

So, whether you’re a traditionalist or want to plan something a bit different, we have some ideas to help you along. 

Propose somewhere famous

There are a number of beautiful locations around the world that you could choose to propose. Iconic cities such as Paris, Italy, or New York are very popular. It’s all about grandeur and romance. You could present that Thomas Sabo diamond at the top of the Empire State Building, a gondola in Venice, or the Trevi Fountain. . The world is filled with romantic places, you just have to choose which one. 

Propose in the place where you met

This one can be a bit hit and miss depending on how you met. If you met on a blind date in a nice restaurant, you’re in luck. If you met, drunk, on a dance floor of a club, maybe choose somewhere else. 

Going back to a place that is meaningful for you can reignite those initial feelings from when you first met. 

On holiday

Proposing on your annual holiday is very popular. You’re already in a great mood, away from work and other stresses, and there’s probably some beautiful scenery nearby. 

A valentines proposal

Another classic. Valentine’s day is the ultimate day of love, so what better time to propose to your beloved? Also, it will be easier to plan as you can hide any planning as just the usually valentine’s activity. 

Treasure hunt 

Set up an elaborate treasure hunt, ending with a proposal. Building up anticipation in this way is a great story to remember for the rest of your lives. You can be as ambitious as you want and have the treasure hunt around your house, or even your entire city. Just don’t make it too difficult! 

Have your children ask

It’s not uncommon for couples to live together and have children before they decide to get married. Why not have a special proposal printed on a kid’s t-shirt or baby onesie and wait for them to notice it. 

Special delivery from Fido

If you have a dog together that’s relatively well trained, then what better way to deliver that engagement ring than having it delivered by your adorable pooch? You’ll get so many extra points for cuteness. 

Arrange a surprise at a show

If you’re going to see a play, comedy gig, or even a movie at an independent cinema, you can arrange in advance for your proposal to be made at the end. This can be via a title card on the cinema screen or even the proposal being given by someone on the stage. 

Take out an ad

Buy advertising space in a local paper, billboard, or signage that you know they’ll see. 

Have a jigsaw puzzle made

Have a custom jigsaw puzzle made asking your partner to marry you. Give them it as a present and ask them to complete it.

Arrange a flashmob

Hire some people to do a flashmob at a place you know you’ll both be. A little song and dance followed by a proposal. What’s not to love? Choose a song that means something to you both. 

Surprise party

Arrange a surprise party with all of your family and friends together and propose to your partner in front of everyone. It’s a great way to have the proposal and engagement party at the same time, just be certain that they will say yes. 

Say it with food

Or say it ‘in’ food. Go to a nice restaurant and arrange to have your proposal spelt out in chocolate sauce on a plate, or icing on a cake. Then just sit back and wait for them to notice it. Or if you’re cooking a romantic meal at home, you could arrange to do it yourself when you bring dessert. 

Sleeping beauty

If you’ve already bought the ring, try slipping it on their finger when they are asleep and see how long it takes for them to notice it in the morning. You’ll have to be sure they’re a light sleeper or they could wake up while you’re putting the ring on. ]

Your proposal and wedding are personal to you. Many people feel pressured to do things a certain way. You should do whatever makes sense for you and your partner. If that’s doing things the traditional way then embrace it, and if it’s not then embrace that side of yourself too. After all, it’s all about making each other happy. 

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