How to Stop Your Social Media From Getting Hacked

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Social media is instrumental to businesses and brands nowadays, but when they are hacked, you can lose important data that damages your reputation and your business. It’s not only your computer you have to protect from hackers; you must also protect your social media accounts.  

Select Third Parties 

Social media is the front and center of marketing at the moment; it can help to create brand visibility, drive traffic to your website, and grow your business with more conversions. The trouble is social media can be complicated to use and requires a lot of external plug-ins. 

Third-party software, such as content calendars and content scheduling apps, needs to be installed, but not all of it is legitimate. When you download a third-party app, you need to make sure it is legitimate and safe before sharing personal details to protect social media accounts.  

Use Strong Passwords 

Passwords can be a pain to create and remember, especially when the conventional advice is to use a diversity of passwords and create complex strings of letters, numbers, and special characters. Learn how to prevent your instagram from being hacked and use password to help.

The good news is that strong passwords can be easy to create and remember if you know how to do it. Let’s say you need a strong password for your social media accounts. Go to your bookshelf and choose a random book. Now choose a first line and page number for a password.

Install Anti Virus Software 

Social media security is similar to any form of security online or offline; the most valuable you regard the asset, the tighter you make your security. Some social media accounts are highly prized for their data sets and information. In this case, you need to have levels of security. 

Start with the passwords. Using the book method described above is an excellent way to create a strong password, but don’t leave it at that. You should also invest in anti-virus software - paid or free, depending on your budget. AVG is a good choice for budget or free anti-virus software.

Two-factor Authentication 

Whether you think your social media account passwords are strong or weak, you would be foolish not to take advantage of two-factor authentication. This system means you have to confirm the identity of the users through an email account or phone number when accessing it. 

Two-factor authentication is not bulletproof, either. Cyber hackers with enough experience will be able to crack the system, but it adds an additional level of security and makes your account safer overall. In combination with a strong password and anti-virus software, you are good. 

Password Management 

A password management app such as LastPass is an excellent option when you have too many passwords to remember. Even when you use the password method in the article, you might still have numerous passwords to recall when using the internet. LastPass allows you to use a single master password to access all of your passwords in one place, keeping them extra safe. 

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