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After a disastrous month, I am happy to find myself back in the warmth of the city who loves me. London can often be unforgiving for many, but I've always felt that somehow, it manages to pick me up and dust me off as needed. It'll also give me a bit of a reality check at times too, but London really can be the city of opportunity, if you know where to look. It does also help to have amazing friends around you to ensure that:

1. You find somewhere to live. Quickly.
2. You don't starve.
3. You don't go crazy and give up in a giant emofest of epic proportions.

Luckily none of these things happened because I do have amazing friends; people who I was sad to leave in another city, and people who I was happy to return to. And now that I'm back, I'm almost at the end of the "sorting my life out" check list, and am looking forward to getting that camera lodged firmly back in my hand, and run off to new locations, and the new studio upstairs.

But for now, here's a taster of what's coming your way before the biggest website reworking that I've ever done.

1. Anna Fur Laxis for Pearls and Swine (Leeds, UK)
Brand: Pearls & Swine
Model: Anna Fur Laxis
MUA: Skaii Blue

2. Binky and Trafford (Leeds, UK)
The ever beautiful Binky from Pearls and Swine, and her superstar DJ / artist / partner in crime Trafford Lovething. Both images were shot in their conservatory with what available sunlight was free for us.

3. Bettie Wishes (Turnpike Lane, London) - a taster from an amazing shoot!
Model: Bettie Wishes
Hair and Make-up: Sarah Frasca

4. Test Shoot - Ryan (Turnpike Lane, London) - another taster from a larger shoot.

5. The Count, Bow, London.
This was the first "proper" portrait which I'd shot upon my less than triumphant, gloom-filled return to the city. And it made me feel so much better on so many levels. Firstly because I adore the subject. Secondly, I had a lighting set up in my head with one light which got me the exact result that I wanted. And also... despite my brain telling me the contorary, I hadn't lost my photo-mojo. It made me want to hold my camera again, and continue to work. I was very aware that the balance of freelance photography to journalism was slipping, and I was finding every excuse to put down my camera as I felt so burned-out. But this photo made me want to start again, finish my editing backlog, re-do my website... and remember that I'm an actual photographer.

So London, I'm back. The website is taking shape. And there will be a few "Thank goodness I'm back in the Big Smoke" special offers coming up shortly.

Until then,

Diana x x

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