Sun is shining, weather is sweet

London is September is always a strange month. There's a very strong feeling of change as the leaves turn, the shadows get taller and the evenings, shorter. However it all becomes tangled up amidst a feeling of second chances, with late September throwing us a second mini-Summer, fooling us that Halloween and Bonfire Night aren't just around the corner as we flit around in sun dresses and sandels, albeit with brollies and cardigans in check.

I've been lucky that these last few months have given me some amazing photographic opportunities. I've shot my first front cover for a magazine, did some more work for the beautiful girls at Rockalily, shot an incredible vintage editorial and generally flitted all over London with a camera in hand. There is a massive backlog of shoots which I've been meaning to upload to my blog, especially whilst my website is being redesiged, so hopefully I will have time over the next few weeks to post a little more regularly, and get these images off my computer, and out into the open.

I think for me, September has always been the start of my new year. Perhaps it's the hangover from the start of the academic year, but this month has always felt much more filled with hope and promise than a cloudy headed January ever has. It is intrinsically transitional, and always fills my brain with lots of creative prospects. Indeed two relaxed afternoons of tea and a catch-up with two different people have both brought up the prospect of shoots outside of my normal remit, which I love. Ideas which will push me both technically and creativly, and hopefully spur me on to find new ways to become better and better. For me this is the key element which I love about my work - you spend your life learning, getting better and growing. It's a very freeing feeling, and although I will be the first to admit that I spend much of my time hitting my head against my laptop in retouching hell, there are moments of simple clarity where I realise just how fortunate I am. Today is one of those days. 

With the sunshine in tow, today I think I'm going to start with photos of my favourite burlesque artist, Bettie Wishes. With the theme being "Bettie at the beach", these photos will certainly heat things up, even if it still a little cooler outside where you are. :)

Model: Bettie Wishes
Make-Up and Hair: Sarah Frasca.
Nipple Pasies: Pearls and Swine
Bathing Suit: What Katie Did

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