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Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to combine two of my favourite pasttimes in one wonderful afternoon - photography AND vintage shopping.

The Rag Factory on Brick Lane was playing host to London's best vintage bargain shopping event - The Vintage Kilo Sale, which is brought together by the people at Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair and Glass Onion.

With three rooms rammed with all manner of vintage clothing and accessories from the 60s - 80s, the event held a staggering 2.5 tonnes of wonderful quality, on trend items. And with the stock priced at £15 per kilo, you can restock your wardrobe for less than the price of a night out!

The items are helpfully seperated into racks of denim, dresses, jackets, tousers and shirts to make rummaging through the rails that little bit easier. The staff will weigh everything for you once you're ready to purchase, but as a guide, a kilo is roughly five lighter items like cotton dresses and shirts, or three heavier items such as denim and jackets. And for those of you who only want to buy one or two items, individual pieces can be purchased for a set price.

A small selection of photos from the event can be found below, and I'll be shooting at their next event which is "Judy's at Spitalfields' - The January Sale!" on January 7th 2012. Dress up, say hello and come and get your photo taken by me.

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