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As many of you know music has always been another big love of mine, but it had felt like a very long time since a band had come along and really caught my attention.There have been some amazing albums this year (True Widow, Destroyer I'm looking at you... P J Harvey... not so much.), but there hadn't been a band where I had found myself genuinely excited and in love with.

Well thanks to fellow photonerd / music journalist Tom Perry, Wild Flag came along and swept me off my feet. Within seconds of seeing the music video for Romance, I suddenly felt like a teenager again, and with all the musical mischief and guitar based girl crushes that came along with it.

It was an easy transition to slip back into, with half of the band making up Sleater-Kinney, and with stints playing with the likes of Steve Malkmus, Bright Eyes and Helium. It stands to reason that Wild Flag are the essential teenage mixtape in my head, with their debut album making me feel like a grungy pink haired kid all over again.

Last week I was lucky enough to see them twice - firstly photographing them for Tom's interview (asking the legendery question of whether Steve Malkmus was as handsome in real life...), and then again at their show at The Lexington the following evening for The Fly magazine.

Anyway, I could talk for ages about how amazing they are, but that would be boring, Here's their second video for Electric Band instead, and of course, some photos!

The first photo is an extremely jetlagged portrait of Rebecca Cole (keyboards) and Janet Weiss (drums) at Premier Inn, Inslington. Both were lovely, but clearly wanting to crawl into bed. The rest of the photos are Wild Flag (including Carrie Brownstein and Mary Timony, both on vocals and guitars) at The Lexington show the next day on 8th December.

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