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One of the most regular reactions I get when people see photos of themselves is shock - they are surprised at how beautiful they look in the images. I've even had some girls so overwhelmed that they've been in tears as I've gone through the contact sheets with them.

There's this whole redundant notion of the "real" woman which serves to promote misery and body fascism.at both ends of the size-scale. Some people are naturally slim, some people aren't. Some have wide hips, some have small breasts, some have no waist. Whatever you're born with, it doesn't make any of these body types more or less real. We all have plus and negative points in our own minds about how we look, we don't need other people to reinforve negative notions.

Beauty is found in all shapes and sizes, and even within modelling, different types of clothes suit different body shapes. Open up any magazine, and you'll see slender women looking beautiful on the pages. This is just a little post to counter balance the girls rocking those curves. But remember - whatever spectrum of the dress size scale you're at, you ARE just as are a woman as anyone else and beautiful too.

First up, we have the beautiful Darkteaser for Pearls & Swine.

Next we have some shoots for my plus-size editorial for Diva Magazine.
Models: Aleesha and Carmina
Stylist: Lauren Ding (including Tatty Devine and Pearls & Swine)
Hair and Make-up: Sarah Frasca

 Miss Bink of Pearls & Swine herself.

Cool kids being cool.

Miss Lauren Ding of Pocket Rocket Fashion.

Stunning plus size fashion bloggers from the two Plus London events.

Burlesque darling Bettie Wishes.

Fran and Lisa for Diva's Vintage Queer editorial.

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