Fell asleep in a dusty library, waiting for some words to jump at me.

Having been sufficiently flu ridden to the point where I didn't leave the house for the best part of a week, I have FINALLY caught up on most of my outstanding editing. Just in time really, as things are about to get super busy!

This Thursday, I'm off to Brighton to photograph one of my favourite people - the gorgeous Luna DeLovely! Latex, lingerie and (hopefully!) lots of sunshine. Never have the lyrics to "If you go into the woods today..." been so perfect

Taken in the Candy Coated Cabaret Pop-Up Studio.

July is also seeing me shooting at the Fattylympics, which is a brilliant satire on that thing causing all those never ending transport problems. You know - that thing. And then it's off to The Festival of the 40s in Peterborough, where me and my pop-up studio will be ready and waiting on the burlesque day. Throw in a couple of magazine editorials, band shoots, product shoots and a secret project which I am SO beyond excited about, it's about to get busy! I've also got a few one-on-one tutorials coming up, so whether you want some advice on street photography, studio lighting or even just how to use your camera or photoshop, drop me a line as I'm generally quite happy to geek out and help within a budget.

In the mean time, if you're not following me already, check out my tumblr and facebook pages which are updated daily with both new and old photos, and lots of out-takes. And if you haven't noticed, my official website is finally updated! Woohooo!

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