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Flowers from Pearls & Swine. Necklace from Primark. Cardigan from the main range at New Look. Belt, vintage. Vest and leggings from Simply Be. Glitter Jelly Shoes from eBay. Grey Skater Skirt and black handbag from the ASOS Curve sale here and here.Whiskey Kitten tote bag is a one-off design.
Whenever the Whiskey Kitten Saturday rocks up, my day seems to fall into a similar routine. It tends to be a day of preparation of both the musical and personal variety, with lots of 50s rock and roll being played to get into the mood.

Gems like this are always on hand, as there's no mood a little Buddy Holly or Little Richard can't fix.

My outfits for Whiskey Kittens vary wildly - sometimes I'll be found in 50s swing dresses and petticoats, other times it'll be a simple tea dress dressed up with some vintage shoes. Either way, I try to keep a vintage aesthetic with a mixture of high street and vintage finds.

The first thing I always do is prepare my hair. Once it's washed and mostly air-dried, I wrap the front section around a cut doughnut and pin it in place to create a faux Bettie bang. I then proceed to pin-curl the rest of my hair with just a little mousse in it to help. Next I spritz with hairspray and then place a hairnet and scarf over it so that I can leave the house without looking too crazy.

Definitely not crazy.
From then, I ensure I have everything I need for the night sorted and packed (I normally burn about 9 hours worth of music to play from) and tidy up eyebrows and nails just to feel a little more polished. I always feel like I need to dress up as although I am not in any way a performer, people are always watching what we're doing. I try to make as much of an effort as possible so that my aesthetic fits in with what we're playing.

Because we are experiencing what some suggest to be Summer, I found that I needed to dress a little differently to what I would have liked. It gets very hot where we DJ, especially with a packed dance floor and a hundred bodies next to us so I decided to go on the side of caution and dressed as lightly as possible. The end result was a little 50s meets 80s and I felt like Rizzo from Grease, having time travelled to kick Marty McFly's ass. I quite enjoyed it! The ASOS Curve skirt still enabled me to feel 50s flirty when dancing so I didn't miss my swing dresses as much as I thought I would.

Rock and Roll accessories #1 - Bowie ring from the current V&A exhibition.

My trusty mirrored teardrop ring by Tatty Devine - perfect for checking your lipstick.

I often get asked about what make-up I use, and to be quite honest, it's a real mixed bag. My foundation is Mineralize Foundation by MAC in NW15, their palest pink based shade. My WK Lips are by Dainty Doll in Couture which I always apply over a red lipliner which fills in my entire lip.My eyebrows are combed with an old mascara wand and I then use a dark brown Barry M eyeshadow over them to ensure that they are even. Then for the eyes themselves, I have used colours from the MAC Wonderwoman Eye Palette which is a set of four lilac to burgundy shades. It's lined on top with Bourjois' Intuitive Liner and a Barry M white eyeliner along the waterline (it works as a great brightener for tired eyes!). It's finished off with MAC False Eyelash Mascara which gives my real lashes more of an impact and balances out the black liner. As a final touch, I've run a line of white eyeshadow from the Bourjois Illuminating range across my cheekbones as a highlighter. I never bother with blusher in the Summer as with my pale skin having naturally red cheeks, they tend to show through after a while. The highlighter still gives my face the definition it needs, and catches nicely under the lights in the club. I've also used a small amount of white eyeliner following the V of the top-lip underneath the philtrum - again, it catches the light and somehow lifts everything.

The night is always a lot of fun, and as ever as we arrived home to the tune of early morning birdsong and 4am cheese on toast cravings.

Until next time,
Diana x


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