Dress by Collectif, belt by ASOS Curve, Black Opaque Lycra Xceptionelle 20d 3D Ladder Resistant Tights by Yours Clothing, Vintage Red Shoes by Red Bows Boutique, Cropped Cardigan by Simply Be.
 My day to day looks tends to veer towards a 40s or 50s aesthetic and I'll often be found with faux-Bettie bangs or a scarf thrown over pin-curls if I'm in the studio. This weekend I decided to see if I could produce a softer wave with larger pin-curls which resulted in looking a little like a Victorian maid as bedtime approached.

Larger almost bun-sized pin curls.

The normal way I pin-curl my hair - lots of smaller ones for smaller waves.
I was a little nervous before I brushed it out as it seemed a lot frizzier than usual. A little serum helped to tame the ends, and what I was left with was a much longer, loose wave. I liked it, but I wasn't convinced it went with the overall look I was trying to achieve. It looked like low-maintenance hair for a festival or beach holiday, or maybe even curls which had dropped from the night before. It certainly wasn't worth sleeping with pins and a headscarf for, but at least I know to stick to my usual pin-curl pattern for next time.

The result of the larger pin-curls, teamed with flowers from Pearls and Swine and my cat necklace from Tatty Devine.

This amazing mirrored teardrop ring is also by Tatty Devine - a must for meeting for dinner / cocktails when wearing red lipstick as you can surreptitiously check your make-up!

The reason I was dressing up yesterday was to attend a lovely 50s birthday lunch. The birthday girl is a huge fan of Formula 1 racing, so here is the birthday cake which I made for her.

At this point, I should point out that I am not a baker of any sorts - I can make good cake, but that's about it! This particular cake was a traditional Victoria sponge, with Pimms and strawberry jam and a vanilla and strawberry cream. Having made this has ensured that I've been able to enjoy a huge bowl of strawberries for lunch today. Win-win all around!

On that note, it's time for me to get my head back into Photoshop so I can share some sneak peeks of my recent work with you soon.

Until then,
Diana x


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