Made In Mag Preview for Fashion Loves Photos.

(c) MadeIn Mag. Photos by Fashion Loves Photos.
Red polka dot dress, red gingham dress and red cardigan from Collectif.
Black sequin dress from Yours Clothing.
Vintage repro dress from Viviene of Holloway.
Flowers from Pearls & Swine.
The lovely people at MadeIn Mag recently got in touch to see if they could run a feature on me and I was so excited at the prospect. It's a fantastic magazine profiling people from all sorts of artistic and creative disciplines and it is such an honour to have been given such a wonderful space to babble on about photography, fashion and more.

(c) MadeIn Mag. Photos by Fashion Loves Photos.
Black sequin dress from Yours Clothing.
Before the issue is published, they have released a little preview q&a with me which can be found online here. I'm so excited for the full interview to come out and cannot wait to share with you! 

Until next time,

Diana xx

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