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After looking for a new business card supplier, I recently placed my very first order with printing company printed.com. I was intrigued after noticing they had a large range of services tailored specifically for photographers, so really wanted to find out more about them and what they offered.

Whether you're looking for wedding stationary, strut cards, business brochures or even just some Instagram prints, printed seem to have it covered. Their photographic tailored range alone covers everything from giclĂ©e fine art prints to stickers so are perfect for covering all of your branding needs.

I ordered two different products from them - business cards and a canvas print. The order was easy to do as I just uploaded my own artwork, and there were plenty of choices available from the finish, size and even if you wanted them laminated or not. I choose a standard double sided card which cost under £12 for 100 cards, and they were even sent in a durable plastic box which is perfect for safe storage. The colours were true to my original file and the quality was spot on. For full size business cards at a budget price, you'd struggle to get better quality elsewhere.

The other product I picked up from them was a canvas print. I decided to not get a stretched canvas as too much of the photograph would have been lost to the bleed at the edge, so instead got the canvas print which I intend to mount and frame myself.

I choose a black and white image as I wanted to check for two things. I used to work in a photographic lab when I was much, much younger and the biggest issue with printing black and white is that you can sometimes get a colour shift which will result in a magenta or green tint. Adding canvas to the mix just makes it even more difficult as those suckers absorb ink like crazy, so sometimes subtle gradients can get lost and result in giant black splodges. I am happy to report that the product I was sent suffered from neither affliction, and was an exact replica of the file with perfect contrast and no loss of quality from the ink sinking in.

In conclusion, I couldn't be happier with both products, and will certainly be using them again to print any exhibition or large scale work in the future.

To see their whole range of products, you can visit their website here.

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