Wild Rose - #PSOOTD Featuring The Rose Print Embellished Collar Dress From F&F True

A little while ago, I absolutely fell in love with this beautiful Rose Print dress from the F&F True range. I must have snuck in under the radar and nabbed one of the last ones as it's sadly no longer available on the website, but I am so completely in love with the Autumn colour palette.

The dress is made up of a lovely rose print, fully lined with a embellished collar. And best of all? Despite the lining and sparkle, it's one of those mythical dresses which can still be thrown into the washing machine!

Dress: F&F True
Tights: M&S
Shoes: New Look
Rings: Vintage

It's one of those dresses which straddles the line between day and evening, and as such was the perfect item to wear on a visit to Hampstead's Kenwood House on my birthday weekend.

I teamed it with a vintage 50s Kelly Bag, burgundy tights from ASOS and a matching cardigan from Primark. As well as some beautiful art and a cream tea, I also had lots of fun jumping in the piles of crunchy Autumn leaves! I seem to be wearing a lot of this colour at the moment, and I'm really loving it!

To view the current (amazing!) F&F True collection, click here.

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  1. What a pretty dress, you look lovely x

  2. Love this and I heart your hair too xxxx

  3. This is a really beautiful dress ... so beautifully autumnal and is a great work - evening dress!

    C x



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