Autumn Serenade - The AW15 Transitional Collection from F&F

Autumn is by far my favourite time of year, so I'm pretty happy with the unseasonal weather we are currently experiencing. There is one downside though - it can make choosing how to dress a little tricky. Here in London, I'm leaving the house in lots of layers so that I'm ready for downpours, high winds and then the no-warning switch to soaring temperatures. Both my brolly and my factor 50 are handbag staples, with my wellies and sandals playing chicken with each other.

It's definitely a time for migrating my autumn wardrobe in with my summer dresses, so I was very excited when F&F began to drop some of their AW range as part of their transitional collection. When I saw their preview a few months ago, I was utterly besotted by the boho chic mixed in with bold silhouettes. And this mini-collection stays in step, with tailored shapes, eye-catching colour palettes and a real mixture of textures.

Most of the collection comes in at under £30, with just the fuax-leather jacket and suede items having a more premium price tag.  However £75 is pretty incredible for a suede jacket, with the collection still allowing for a splurge without having to melt a credit card.

The whole range will be available next week, but a few select items have already hit the website. The suede culottes, suede biker, kimono sleeve jumpsuit, floral print jumpsuit and leather look biker are all ready and waiting for you to fall in love with them!

I wanted to end this by saying what my favourite items were, but honestly there are just too many to choose. I'm always a sucker for a good faux-leather biker (they speak to my inner Rizzo!) but the capes, jumpsuits and the stunning blue dress are all on my lust-list too.

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  1. Me too! Cannot wait for the Autumn so I can start draping myself in ALL the layers! :) x


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