Blue Hawaii - Pretty Florals from New Look Inspire

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you can probably tell that I'm a bit of a sucker for floral prints and vintage shapes. If it's bright and fun, I'll almost certainly fall in love with it! It helps me to feel that happy, summer feeling, even when the weather is being a bit of a wash out. And with the amount of rain we've had the last few days, clothes which radiate a little summer fun are an absolute must!

When I stumbled across this beauty from New Look Inspire on the ASOS website, my heart skipped a beat. Here was something which looked ultra pretty, but in a light, comfy fabric designed for running around in. The bardot neckline screamed vintage glamour for every day wear, and I was so excited for it to arrive.

Dress: Floral Print Bardot Dress from New Look Inspire (via ASOS)
Cardigan: Basic Cardigan from H&M
Shoes: Pink Laser Cut Outs from New Look
Necklace: Bubble Blower from Sugar & Vice

The dress is made from jersey with a bardot neckline and skater style flare, and has just a touch of 50s glamour to it which made me feel great. It arrived just as we were having our London mini-heatwave, and in scenes unknown since I've been in my late teens, I left the house wearing it completely bare legged. No leggings, no tights and you know what? The sky didn't fall in. I've always been ultra paranoid about my skin - it's very, very dry no matter what I do to it, but after taking a synthetic hormone for two years, it has over time, began to even itself out. It's by no means perfect, but it felt like a victory leaving the house with nothing but cocoa butter and factor 50 covering my legs and I'm sure the rays of vitman D were helpful.

Of course today I'm shivering in clothes pulled from my Autumn wardrobe, but that's what the British summer is all about!

Until next time,

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  1. Oh wow! You look fab!

    C x

  2. I love that print! I would love to wear Bardot style, but I'm chicken due to scars. You are really rocking this look.


    1. One thing I'm starting to learn now is that people never notice these things as much as we do ourselves. And when they do, chances are they don't really have any real thought on it. I know it's easier to say rather than do (especially as someone at 33 who's only just learning to go bare legged due to hating my skin), but once you take that first step and the sky doesn't fall in, it gets easier. As a photographer, I'm a true believer that our so called flaws are a bit part of what makes up our character, and they tell a story - often a bad ass one of survival. So wear your scars proud. :) I bet you would absolutely rock the Bardot style. xox


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