Black Magic - Kay Lace Tie Front Swing Dress from Pink Clove

I've found myself on a bit of a 70s kick recently, falling in love with flowing bell sleeves and sun ready silhouettes. When I saw this swing dress from online brand Pink Clove, there was something about it which made me stare at it with cartoon heart eyes! It's not my usual style, but sometimes it's nice to step outside and try something new and this had the perfect balance for me - somewhere between flower child sweet and becoming the next supreme!

I think it was the bell sleeves which initially drew me in. The lace pattern is so pretty, with the relaxed shift design being both comfy and easy to wear.

Kay Lace Tie Front Swing Dress from Pink Clove. £30.*

The swing dress is three sizes bigger than my usual dress size, but it's not so much that it comes up small, and more that I liked the idea of a really relaxed fit. I could probably have easily just gone up by one size to get that effect.

* Dress sent for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

The strong design of the lacing at the front gives the dress a little more edge. It flits the line between 70s chic and gothic glam depending on how you style it, and I love that it is such a versatile item in that way.

I teamed it with a very simple black, wide brimmed sun hat, and left the house feeling both protected from the sun and like I could win any competition to become the next supreme. A flash of red lipstick broke up the head to toe block of black, and I feel ready to channel Stevie Nicks as I walk through London!

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  1. Oh my you look like the love child of Stevie Nicks and Morticia Adams :D
    such a totally awesome look- the dress looks really good I like the oversized look

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you - that is the best compliment ever! :) x

  2. Fabulous outfit! You really wear it well. I love the crossover lacing effect on the neckline, but I love how you've styked it even more. Especially the hat :)

    1. Thank you so much! That had has got so much use over the Summer, even with the wet weather we've had. Best ebay bargain ever! :) x

  3. You look stunning I love the gothic/ 70's hybrid vibe you have going on it is giving me chills!


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