Autumn Flowers - Red Ditsy Floral Shirt Dress from New Look Inspire

I feel very lucky that I have wonderful friends, but to have wonderful friends with excellent taste in fashion is just so incredibly fortunate. And that feeling of excitement, luck and happiness was written all over my face when opening one of my birthday presents from the lovely Chattermonkey. Inside I found this darling Red Ditsy Floral Shirt Dress from New Look Inspire staring back at me, and couldn't wait to get myself into it!

The dress fits right in with my vintage sensibilities. A bold red with blue and white floral accents, it's a Summer print which flits into Autumn with ease. The dress is sized up to accommodate my larger bust, but the belted fit and flare shape ensures that my waist doesn't get hidden amongst the fabric.

The dress is currently part of the New Look sale on their website, and you can pick this beauty up for just £9. I teamed it with a lovely Tatty Devine swan necklace which was also a birthday gift (this time from the almost-mother-in-law), and some blue flowers from Pearls & Swine. It's such a cute and comfy outfit to wear, and one which sits easily under a cardigan as layers get thrown on for the colder weather.

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  1. Really cute dress. I love the blue flower in your hair.


  2. This dress is so cute! It really suits you, and the blue flower in your hair definitely gives it that slight extra 'pop' that I really, really like.

  3. Beautiful dress! I love the pattern because it's a subtle mix of polka dots and floral which are probably the two best prints ever!!

    1. Haha, clearly you are a woman after my own heart! ;) x


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