Nude Hosiery For All Skin Tones with Bianca Miller London

"Nude" hosiery is notoriously awful, unless you are a very specific shade of white. Generally coming in at a "medium" hue so as to faintly reach as many legs as possible, for the most part they are too pale for dark skin and too dark for pale skin. Thank goodness for Bianca Miller and her genius idea to revolutionise hosiery as we know it. Offering a comprehensive range of skin tones to be as inclusive as possible and dubbed "the Mac of hosiery", her brand offers 8 nude shades which are available in tights and hold ups to fit up to a UK 22.

One of the things which struck me was the simplicity of the idea. How has no one thought of this sooner? I adore their clever way of helping customers to work out their perfect shade - simply use their chart to match your legs to your foundation. How brilliant is that?

The shades available are:

Powder: The perfect shade for porcelain skin tones, this talcum powder white shade is beautiful on Scottish, Irish and Icelandic legs. 

Rose: The perfect compliment for women of an English Rose complexion.

Sand: A warm tone to give paler skins the more tanned  look, perfect for Olive skin tones.

Latte: This nude tone is perfect for tanned skins or Mediterranean, lighter Afro-Caribbean or Asian complexions.

Caramel: A golden caramel or honey brown tone, perfect for Asian,  Afro-Caribbean and darker Mediterranean skin tones.

Chestnut: A warm and rich brown with a bronze undertone, suitable for darker Asian and Afro-Caribbean skin tones.

Chocolate: A warm, rich  coffee/chocolate skin tone. Perfect for Afro- Caribbean skin tones.

Being a similar shade to a milk bottle, I tried out their tights in the powder shade and it was pretty amazing to put on something which actually matched my skin tone. They felt silky against my skin, with the waistband fitting nicely into the curve of my waist. The L/XL size has been specifically created with a back panel to ensure comfort for sizes 18-22, or those ladies who are a little taller.

Being towards the end of the X/XL, they were a fraction too small with the gusset not coming up as high as it should on me but this shouldn't take away from how wonderful the tights are. If the legs had been slightly longer, they would have been perfect on me as the waistband was perfect but I suspect this is due to my slightly odd hourglass proportions than anything else. I'm really keen to try out the hold ups as I suspect this would counter the problem with ease.

The tights are £12 and hold ups £15, and you can buy them directly from the Bianca Miller London site here.

Until next time,

Diana xx

*The tights have been kindly sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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